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Why You Should Prefer Managed VPS Hosting over Dedicated Server

Why You Should Prefer Managed VPS Hosting over Dedicated Server

Due to the fact that VPS hosting is considered a midway between shared and dedicated hosting, it gets compared to both a lot. People going for shared hosting want to know how VPS hosting is better. At the same time, people considering dedicated server want to compare it to managed VPS hosting. Here are some points to help you compare managed VPS with dedicated server and reach a well-informed decision in the end.

Dedicated Server vs. Managed VPS Hosting


The first thing you have to compare between the two is of affordability. Dedicated server is a great option but it will always cost you more than virtual private sever hosting. When you are a starting business with a new website, you can’t afford to spend all your money on a hosting solution. You can safely say that a dedicated server and maintaining it can be too expensive for a small business to afford. On the other hand, virtual private hosting can offer some really inexpensive hosting solutions.


It is true that a dedicated server can easily be more powerful than managed VPS hosting. However, you don’t need that much power. Would you want 1TB of storage and 64GB of RAM when your blog gets only 3,000 visitors every month? Despite this very important point, you can still get some powerfully configured virtual servers dedicated to your website when you go for VPS hosting. The best North American managed VPS hosting can offer you powerful CPUs with 16 cores, up to 60GB of RAM, 400GB of SSD storage, unlimited data transfer and much more.

Technical Handling

Once again, when you are a small business you don’t want to handle a team of IT professionals because of affordability issues. The more technical work they have to do the more salary they will demand. On the other hand, when you go with managed VPS hosting, your provider will take care of all the technical matters pertaining to your virtual server. From configuring the server to upgrading the software and applications, your provider will take care of everything for you.


You have complete control of your dedicated server. However, complete control means a lot of responsibility. From configuring the server to maintaining regular and proper backups of your server, you have to be responsible of doing everything. The control is there but it has its risks as well. You have some level of control with managed VPS hosting as well. However, it comes with the relief that backups and maintenance issues can be taken care of by the provider.

Bottom Line

When comparing dedicated server with VPS hosting, you have to know who the receiver of the service is. When it comes to a large enterprise with millions of visitors on the website every month, a dedicated server might be the only option. However, when it is a small or midsized company looking for a powerful hosting solution without sharing the resources with other websites, there is no option better than managed virtual private server hosting.

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