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Why Reviews Are Important for Local SEO

A lot of companies are now choosing to focus on digital marketing to put their products and services into the consciousness of their target audience. This is the reason why a lot of companies aim for top positions in search engines, particularly in the online giant known as Google.

Google continues to drive the world of search to greater heights, and businesses need to keep up with the changes. For instance, the recent merge of Google Places with Google+ should push local businesses to put both services to good use. Unfortunately, public interest for Google+ hasn’t really surged in recent years. That’s why many businesses prefer to focus on improving their search ranking on Google by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Local SEO is steadily becoming a new standard for businesses that desire to capture a specific local market or a particular culture. If you manage a website for your brick-and-mortar store or medical clinic, you need local SEO to push your search placement way up in the chain. Success in local SEO entails many requirements, but one emerging trend is the use of customer reviews to elevate their search ranking.

Here are some of the reasons why more companies and businesses are shifting to the use of reviews as part of their local SEO strategies:

Google likes good quality reviews

As of this writing, Google is still the king of search. If you want your business to succeed online, it’s probably best to zero in on how to reach the top of Google search results.

Did you know that Google prefers businesses with reviews? Just like how the search giant prefers organic links, your reviews must be stellar – that is, a few five-star reviews may be better than a multitude of three-star reviews. Having said that, this boils down to providing exceptional service and offering the best products to your client.

Reviews look good on Google search results

Google’s search results pages list down a lot of links, and yours may get drowned in with the others. However, if Google knows that your website has a reviews system, the search engine will display your stars prominently on the results (that is, if you’ve configured rich snippets in your site code). The visual appeal of stars on the search results page automatically draws the attention of Google users, who will probably click on the link.

Business owners really have so many things on their plate, but establishing a customer review system and responding to negative feedback can do wonders to the company.

Customers purchase based on reviews

Reviews are meant for existing customers to provide feedback on their experience, but these are very helpful to people who are trying to decide whether they want to buy or not. On a general perspective, people would prefer buying from a company with great reviews rather than from some shady e-commerce store with no reviews to show for (or worse, a website with utterly negative reviews).

Remember that customers usually return to service providers and establishments where they received a memorable experience. It’s similar to the success of, say, a physical therapy clinic with a long line of patients because of the unrivaled care and service that they receive. In other words, grabbing the interest and preference of people will definitely improve the chances of your local business to rank well in search.

Google knows which websites capture a great following, and these websites will probably achieve a significantly higher search ranking than their competitors. Putting up reviews for your website is definitely a big boost to your local SEO campaign.

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