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What Medical Conditions Can Obesity Cause And How To Stay Away From Obesity

Obesity remains one of the hottest topics for doctors around the world and for people in the online world. There is a reason why this particular problem gets more attention than any other physical condition. The reason is that while other medical conditions and malfunctioning of the body have their own negative impacts, obesity becomes the cause of many other problems in human body. In short, obesity is not just one problem but an ugly looking bag full of problems. The more you know about obesity the more you discover that it is there in the background of many medical conditions in humans.

In order for a person to remain healthy, staying away from obesity is highly recommended. There are no particular instructions for a healthy person to stay away from a heart disease but that he should stay away from getting fat. Here, we will look into some of the most common medical conditions that come as a result of overweight.

Conditions Caused By Obesity

The biggest problem that you face when you are obese is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one condition that if detected in your body once, will never go away. Not to mention the fact that it has absolutely no cure. Obesity is also the main cause of heart related issues in our bodies. When we are obese we are actually accumulating a substance with the name “plaque” in our veins. This particular substance is narrowing our veins down and causing very small amount of blood to flow from and back to the heart. This is a direct indication that your heart will get damaged.

When your heart is affected due to your obesity, your other parts of the body will also suffer because they won’t get enough blood. Not to mention, lumps of plaque can form in your veins that are going from your heart to your brain. This can result in a medical condition called stroke. Stroke is fatal in most cases and it gives you no prior warnings. With obesity comes one of the most common yet most stubborn and insidious condition of all, diabetes. Talk about kidney diseases, heart diseases, blindness, stroke and early fatality, and you have your common factor diabetes behind them all.

When you are overweight you have high levels of cholesterol in your body too. This can lead to heart attacks. The chances of heart attacks are much higher in people who are fat than people who are slim and fit. Another noticeable thing about obesity is that it raises the chances of many other dangerous diseases. It might not cause those diseases but the increased rate of getting those diseases is alarming. Cancer is probably the most threatening disease for most people of the world. It is shocking that your chances of getting cancer can increase up to 50% when you are fat. Infertility in women is also tied to obesity.

When women are overweight the hormonal changes in their body are such that they cause infertility. It is the same with men too. If men are overweight they can greatly reduce the number of sperm count in their body. One of the least mentioned physical conditions arising from obesity is back pain. Among other diseases, this might sound less intimidating but you would be wrong to think that. Back pain is the most painful thing that can happen to someone. When it becomes severe it won’t even let you lie down, stand up or sit properly. The main cause is that your back has to lift more weight than it can easily.

How To Keep Away From Obesity

Looking at the many medical conditions above, one would be disappointed that preventing so many conditions must be nearly impossible. But that’s not the case. If you can control obesity, you can control all of the conditions mentioned above. Here are some of the best tips for you to control your obesity:

Avoid excessive eating as much as you can. No matter how much you are exercising and moving, if your diet if over the top, you are going to gain some weight.
Keep exercising regularly to keep that blood pumping in your veins. The more your body moves the more pounds you will shed.
Drink green tea and add some lemon drops to it. It will greatly help you lose weight. Replace coffee with green tea if you can.
Add some Garcinia Cambogia to your diet. This is a fruit you will found commonly in some areas of Indonesia, India and Myanmar. The main ingredient in this amazing fruit is hydroxycitric acid. When they take out the extract of this fruit it is pure hydroxycitric acid and they make several supplements with it. It is miracle of the medical world and an enemy of obesity.
Eat foods with high fiber in them because when your body is provided with enough quantities of fiber, it does not crave for more food. If you have taken a breakfast in the morning that’s high on fiber, it is highly likely that you won’t feel like eating for 5 to 6 hours.
Install health applications on your smartphone. In our modern lives, smartphones are with us like souls. The health applications on them can not only give you feedback on your daily activity but also motivate you to do more activity. For example, a simple application that counts your daily steps is motivating enough to encourage you to walk more on a daily basis.
Spend less time sitting. Sitting posture is the enemy of your belly and probably the main cause of forming big love handles on your body. If you have to sit because of the nature of your job, sit in the most upright posture possible.
Add lemons, grapefruits and oranges to your diet. Drink their juices because they can actually burn fat in your body and make your metabolism better.
Don’t eat snacks when you are watching movies or TV. You will never know how many calories you have taken in while eating those bags of chips.

Remember, it is always a combination of diet, exercise and mental strength that give you the healthiest lifestyle. 

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