What Exactly Is Google Grants And Why Is It There?

What Exactly Is Google Grants And Why Is It There?

Google is the biggest search engine giant on the internet. In fact, if you compare it with other search engines it is the only giant out there. All the websites on the internet are always looking to get higher rankings on Google’s search result pages. The higher they are in ranking pages the more clicks they get from millions and billions of Google users on a daily basis. This ranking is done on the basis of keywords, their use on websites and how much they are optimized on a website for search engines.

If you are a nonprofit organization trying to help the world with a unique cause, Google wants to thank and help you in a unique way. This help is going to reach you in the form of Google Ad Grants. You should be clear from the name that these are grants that Google distributes to nonprofit organizations. If you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, then you clearly qualify for this grant. But how will this grant be given to you and how can you make the most of it. The first step is simple: if you are eligible for the grant you just sign up for it on Google’s website for grants.

Once you have signed up and qualified for the ad grants you will be able to display your ads on top and bottom of Google search results. What’s so special about this service? First, you will get to reach the top of Google search results which means great traffic and more chances of converting customers. How does Google give you the grants? Google gives the grants in the form of $10,000 every month to the nonprofit organization. You then use this money to have your ads appear on top of the Google’s search results. This guide on Google Grants has a lot of useful information in this regard.

Since you are given $10,000 every month to spend on your ads to appear on Google, it comes down to around $329 every day that you can spend on your ads to appear on Google search results. For now this amazing service from Google is only limited for its searches i.e. your ads will not appear on any websites that display the ads within Google’s advertising network. The only ad that you qualify with this offer is the one that appears in Google’s search results. You can qualify for much more money in grants from Google if you qualify for Grantspro program.

As part of this program you will be able to spend at least $40,000 every month on your ads to appear on Google search results. Of course, in order for you to have this grant you will have to go through further qualifications than are required for regular grants. The ads that you can show on Google’s search results have to be in the form of text only. By displaying these ads right on top of its ads, Google is giving your nonprofit organization a big chance to get more volunteers and let more people who could donate money to you know about your existence.

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