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What Changes Should America Expect If Donald Trump Becomes President?

America is almost ready to announce the winning candidates for each party and launch their election. At the current time, it’s unclear who will become the frontrunner for the Democrats and Republicans. However, Donald Trump has won favor amongst a high percentage of the American public. The article you’re reading will help to highlight some of the changes that might come into force is he becomes President. Of course, we’re taking this information from speeches and press interviews with the man himself. If history has taught us anything, it’s that most people don’t fulfil their campaign promises. Even so, it’s still vital that all residents understand the implications of voting Trump in 2016.

A reduction in red tape for corporations 

Donald Trump is one of the most successful business owners ever to come from the US. With that in mind, it’s no surprise he plans to reduce constraints for large enterprises. If Trump becomes President this year, we can expect fewer workers rights and regulations. He says that will help America to strive forward and maintain its dominance as a global power. He also hopes the move will encourage manufacturers to refrain from looking overseas for labor. If you’re involved in the business world, that could be the promise for which you’ve been waiting. However, people with low-paid jobs could suffer.

A new direction for foreign policy

The US Presidential election polls shifted in Trump’s favor when he announced his views on foreign policy. When asked about his approach to Syria and ISIS, he came up with some rather bold ideas. Unlike the current President, Trump would put troops on the ground and hit the terrorists where it hurts. He doesn’t believe in pacifism, and he is committed to fighting the enemies of America. So, we can expect increased investment in the armed services and defence technology. That hasn’t gone down well with some members of the public who still have a sour taste in their mouths after Afghanistan and Iraq.

A fresh approach to social security 

Donald Trump is a conservative first and foremost. That means he doesn’t pursue socialist ideas like social security. Trump thinks that every American should earn enough money to pay for themselves and their families. Indeed, he has even hinted at significant changes to the current system. That’s likely to mean it will become more difficult for unemployed people to survive in the US. If they struggle to gain access to money during the hardest of times, that could also increase the crime rate. However, Trump will also invest more cash in policing to combat that issues.

We hope all our readers now understand a little more about what might happen if they vote Trump. Of course, we are living in a democracy, and so the people will always have their say. It’s just important to understand the consequences of your actions before selecting a candidate. Who knows? Maybe Trump won’t make it to the final election? But if he does, we’re in for a serious shake-up of how this country works.

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