US Says Orlando Gunman was Radicalized Via the Internet

US Says Orlando Gunman was Radicalized Via the Internet

On Monday, the US authorities said that they hadn’t found any direct link between the gunman who killed 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando and the Islamic State militants. They described him as a homegrown extremist who had been inspired by radical Islamists group. The evidence within the club and on the closed-off streets around the nightclub, Pulse, was being examined by the FBI and other agencies where New York-born Omar Mateen carried out the worst mass shooting in the history of modern US. The police shot and killed the 29-year old son of Afghan immigrants, Mateen, when they stormed the club early on Sunday morning with armored cars after a three-hour siege.

James Comey, the FBI director said in Washington, said that so far there was no indication that Mateen was part of any network or that the plot had been directed from outside the US. He said that they were pretty sure that he had been radicalized over the internet. The bloody rampage had an impact on the trail of the presidential campaign where Democrat nominee Hilary Clinton and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump clashed on how to deal with violent Islamist extremists. The possible candidate for the November 8th election, Trump stated that they should suspend immigration to the US from countries that have a history of terrorism whereas Clinton said that they should tighten up gun safety measures and not demonize Muslims.

The rampage in Florida began at about 2 a.m. on Sunday when there were about 350 revelers in the gay nightclub. The gunman came in with an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle and a pistol and opened fire at the crowd. Lots of the patrons fled during the confusion. Mateen was trapped in the bathroom by an initial wave of officers who entered the club, according to the Orlando Police Chief John Mina. This enabled numerous patrons to flee the club, but it left several of them trapped in the restroom with Mateen, which led to the standoff. Mina said that they had managed to save dozens and dozens of people.

Negotiations were conducted with Mateen for about three hours before a hole in the wall was made to let the hostages escape. The police said that Mateen had also stepped out of the hole and officers had shot him dead. On Sunday, the officials stated that the death toll had reached 50 and this figure also included Mateen. About 50 people suffered from injuries and 29 of them were still at the Orlando Medical Center. A survivor, who had been trapped in a bathroom stall with 30 people, said that the shooter had been laughing loudly while he fired at them over and under the stall.

The survivor called Normal was shot four times, but he crawled to safety over the bodies of his friends, but the rest of the people in the stall didn’t survive. Lots of family members were desperate for news about their loved ones who were in the club.

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