Unknown or Lesser Known Facts on Horse Racing That Enthusiasts Should Know

Unknown or Lesser Known Facts on Horse Racing That Enthusiasts Should Know

Horse racing has emerged as a popular sporting event long ago. Europeans claim that they have made horse racing famous throughout the world, while Asians claim that horse racing evolved as a sporting event in Asia. The debate shall be continued, and different experts would opine differently. But, it is needless to say that horse racing is popular throughout the world. People want to know more about horses and the racing events. Once upon a time, such event was considered to be organized for elites and royal people. There is no doubt on that elite people love having their presence on such events, but this sporting event is for everyone. Anyone can be the part of the horse racing events.

It would be fascinating to know a few interesting things about these horse racing events. At the following section of the article, we shall discuss those things. To know about horses and some important facts, you can also find breeders cup classic.

Average Weight of Racing Horses

It has to be noted that not all horses are qualified to fit for racing programs. The average weight of the horse has to be judged carefully. Agility of the racing horses depends upon their body mass or weight to be specific. Different breeds of horses are there across the world. Different breeds have various features and average weighing figures. The standard weight of horses for racing has been considered as 1000 pounds or 453.5 KG. So, racing horses are nurtured in the way so that they can gain mass as well as agility to participating in the race.

No Horse over 18 Years Has Won Racing Title

Adulthood starts for human beings at the age of 18 years. Until this age, we do not achieve anything. Achievement starts after 18 years age. But, the story is completely different for racing horses. For them, life starts from 12 years, when they are considered as achievers. Most of the horses win championships or titles in the age of 12-18 years. The horses, which have exceeded 18 years age, are not considered to be suitable for racing events. You must be wondering the reason behind this. Well, history says that no horse has won a title after the age of 18 years. Thus, this is the unofficial retirement age for the horses.

Horse Racing Gaining More Popularity

As per the reports and records, it has been found that horse racing is getting continued to be famous for a sporting event. Since the game is connected with rich and elite persons, first world countries host the most expensive horse racing events. However, the second world countries have also started showing interest in this sport, and it is gaining immensely popular among the everyday people. People across the world want to experience the electrifying as well as the magnificent atmosphere at the race courses.

Richest Horse Racing Event Organized in Asia

Historians claim long and golden history of horse racing in Europe. Well, it is true that modern format of horse racing has been structured in Europe. But, Asia has now the crown of organizing the richest event in Dubai.

Hopefully, you are satisfied with the rare facts that I have shared above on horse racing events and if you want to know more, then continue reading our upcoming blogs.

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