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Trump Said He was Never in Favor of Iraq War

Trump Said He was Never in Favor of Iraq War

On Thursday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that all along, he had been against the Iraq war even though he had told Howard Stern, a radio interviewer, in 2002 that he favored it. Hilary Clinton, Trump’s Democratic rival, made a statement that his position on Iraq was similar to her own; as a US senator from New York, she had voted for the 2003 war, but had disavowed the vote since then. Trump took advantage of a speech he had to give at a charter school in Cleveland about education to push back at his competitor. On Wednesday night, at an NBC forum, Clinton highlighted an interview Trump had given in September 2002 to radio host Howard Stern.

In this interview, Trump had expressed his support for the war. This interview has been cited by numerous fact-checkers for debunking the statement made by the New York billionaire that he was against the war all along. During his speech in Cleveland, Trump made reference to an interview he had given to Neil Cavuto from Fox News on January 28th, 2003 in which he had said he was critical. In that interview, he had said that the situation in Iraq was a problem. But the economy posed a much bigger problem for the president.

In his Cleveland remarks, Trump said that the withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq had left a hole behind and it had been filled by Islamic State militants. He said that he had been against that war from the get go, even before he gave that interview to Howard Stern. He also cited an interview he had given on March 25th, 2003. Trump asserted that he had referred to the war as a mess in that interview and it was only days after it had begun. He said that it was evidence of his stand about the war.

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