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Trump Questions Bill Clinton Meeting

Trump Questions Bill Clinton Meeting

On Thursday, Republican Donald Trump accused Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, of showing bad judgment as they chose to meet at a time when the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary, wife of the former President, is under federal investigation. On Monday night, after she landed in Phoenix, Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton privately on her plane before he left the airport after attending a rally he had held for his wife earlier in the day. FBI is investigating Hilary Clinton for using a private email server when she was serving as the first-term Secretary of State for President Barrack Obama.

Trump was holding a town hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire and told Mike Gallagher, the conservative radio talk-show host, that the meeting provided proof of his claim that the US political system is ‘rigged’ to favor the elite people in politics. He said that even in terms of judgement, this was something really bad for him to do this. More than a year ago, Obama appointed Lynch for this position and she elaborated that she didn’t discuss the email investigation or other private matters of the Justice Department with Mr. Clinton.

She told reporters that she had seen President Clinton when she had landed at the airport and he spoke to her and her husband on the plane. She said that the meeting was mostly social and revolved around grandchildren and also about their travels. She said that they discussed his travels to West Virginia and that he played golf in Phoenix, but they didn’t bring up anything that pertained to the Justice Department or any other body. Hilary Clinton is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for her email use and some of her aids have already been interviewed.

Clinton’s campaign as the Democratic presidential candidate has become rather overshadowed by the investigation, which is being carried out to determine if she broke any laws as a result of the server kept in her New York home. President Obama is preparing to campaign with her, though and they will be appearing together next Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. Spokesman Josh Earnest at the White House made it clear that the President believes it is crucial to conduct an impartial investigation and also noted that Lynch had asserted that their conversation was benign.

Earnest spoke to the reporters and said that the bottom line was rather simple; both the attorney general as well as the president are aware of how vital it is for the Department of Justice to ensure that their investigations are absolutely free from any political interference, whatsoever. He said that this had remained a very important principle in the criminal justice system of the country since it was found. He added that the rule of the law couldn’t be ignored and that’s not what happened. Nonetheless, it provided Donald Trump with another opportunity to bash his rival as they continue their campaign to win the elections on November 8th.

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