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Trump Gives Fiery Anti-Clinton Speech

On Friday, gun owners were assured by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that he would be protect their constitutional right of bearing arms. He said that if he was elected, he would eliminate the gun-free zones and accused Democrat Hilary Clinton of trying to weaken the rights of gun owners. It is almost certain that Trump is going to be the presidential nominee for the Republicans and he managed to convince the National Rifle Association to endorse him. This is a very powerful lobbying group, which is known to have approximately 4 million members. Trump gave these remarks at the national convention of the NRA in Louisville, Kentucky and they didn’t come off as a surprise.

However, they could definitely go a long way in solidifying Trump’s status amongst conservatives who consider it a top priority to protect the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. According to a source close to his campaign, on Monday, Trump is also going to meet with U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. They will be consulting on foreign policy and the source said that Corker’s name was on Trump’s list of potential vice presidential mates. While Clinton hasn’t yet managed to become the presidential nominee for the Democrats in the November 8th election, she is very close to doing it.

She has promised to take on the gun lobby and work on the gun control measures by including comprehensive background checks performed on gun buyers, both online and at open-air gun shows. After a brutal and difficult primary battle, Trump is trying to unite the Republican Party behind him and has accused the former secretary of state of trying to finish the 2nd Amendment. In part, the Amendment declares that the right to keep and bear arms by the people should not be infringed. Trump stated that Clinton is not trying to change the Amendment, she is trying to abolish it.

Maya Harris, the senior policy advisor of Clinton’s campaign said that Trump was doing nothing but peddling falsehoods and denounced his conspiracy theories. She asserted that Clinton believes there are ways of protecting the Second Amendment and also ensuring that guns don’t end up in the hands of criminals. Trump noted that the shooting deaths of four US Marines in 2015 had occurred in a gun-free zone at an armed force recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee and said that he would eliminate these zones.

He said that the November election would actually decide the fate of the Second Amendment and they should vote for Donald Trump to ensure it remains protected. The convention of the NRA took place on the same day that a gun was brandished by a man at a checkpoint close to the White House before a law enforcement officer shot and wounded him. The NRA speech of the New York billionaire was another move in his aim to put more conservatives at ease with his presidential candidacy. A list had been released earlier this week by Trump, which named 11 potential Supreme Court nominees who are all conservative jurists. 

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