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Trademy – An All-in-One Solution for Trading Education

Trademy Trading Academy
Trademy Trading Academy

If you have ever checked out a trading platform, you will know that these don’t require you to have any degree or certification in order to sign up. All you are required to have is capital to invest and internet access and you are good to go. You don’t even have to have experience in order to begin in the market of your choice. However, if you take a look at the statistics, you will realize that most traders end up quitting because of the huge losses they have made. Even if you make some good decisions in the beginning, your luck may eventually run out. Then, what will you do? Therefore, it is a better idea to enter the market when you are fully aware of what actually happens in it.

This is what trading education is all about as it educates and guides aspiring traders about how to get started and the moves they should make. But, the key is ensuring that you are getting your education from accurate and reliable sources. While there are tons of websites that claim to offer you short courses that can turn you into an expert overnight, most of these are just money-making scams and you shouldn’t fall for their tall and false claims. You need to look for an education platform that can provide you with accurate and thorough information about the trading world and this is what you will find at Trademy.


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This particular website ( has been created specifically for helping people in understanding the diverse and sensitive trading market and become successful traders. Therefore, you will find that Trademy offers you everything you need to learn about trading. It can fulfill the needs of a beginner and also that of an experienced trader because it understands that they are different levels and treats them in that way.

Listed below are some impressive features of Trademy that has enabled it to become one of the top-notch platforms for trading education since its launch in 2009:

Different levels of training

As mentioned aware, Trademy caters to different levels of traders. The experts on the platform are fully aware that the skills and experience of every trader varies. Some are completely fresh and simply considering the possibility of stepping into the trading market in order to take advantage of the opportunities it presents. There are also experts who don’t need seasoning, but need to refine their skills and strategies in order to become the professional traders they want to be. Hence, it offers courses according to these levels and all traders can find something to learn.

Easy to understand lessons

An excellent feature of Trademy that has definitely made it an appealing choice is the fact that it tries to simplify the trading world for everyone. This means that the lessons you find on this platform are not full of trading jargon that can be quite confusing to those who are getting started. It doesn’t expect its students to read book after book without actually taking in anything. Instead, the videos on Trademy have been well thought out and are fun, interesting and in very simple language. Other platforms may also offer videos, but those are usually very detailed, long and dry. Trademy has focused more on creativity and created videos that offer a meaningful and in-depth insight into the market that can be comprehended by everyone and anyone. The training material and lessons are of high quality and exclusive and you also get access to amazing mentors.

Demo and Live trading

Since Trademy is focused on ensuring traders of different levels are able to benefit from its guidance and training, it has gone to great lengths to ensure traders can find everything needed to prepare them for the trading world. Therefore, Trademy offers a demo account for beginners as this can help in acclimating and knowing how the market works and how to make trades and decisions. While this can be of major help to those who are just starting, it is not really useful to traders who already have market experience.

For them, Trademy offers the Live Trading Room, something not many education platforms have to offer. This provides traders with access to real time markets where they watch professional traders make their trades. It shows you their real open positions and not just trades that are already closed. This can be immensely helpful because traders can actually use these real positions when they start trading with a broker or bank. You get the opportunity to interact with the mentors, ask questions and also speak to other students.

Wide array of courses

A wonderful feature of Trademy is the variety of courses it has in its arsenal. Other platforms only have a limited number of courses with few sections, but Trademy has chosen to deviate in order to ensure that its traders fully understand the market and don’t make mistakes that can cost them big. These courses are designed for varying levels of traders, but what makes them different from the rest is that they comprise of a ton of tools, strategies and other features that make them effective and valuable. Whether you are just starting or have some experience under your belt, you can learn about the latest strategies and trading styles that can help you succeed.

Access to great mentors

One of the best ways Trademy helps its students in moving forward by putting them in touch with some of the best mentors in the trading world. A mentor like Kyriakos Charilaou has a world of experience in the trading market and has been training people for more than a decade. Elif Kunakci has been part of the financial market for years and knows everything there is about financial products and market movements. She shares her expertise with those who are willing to learn. Other mentors with a vast pool of knowledge include Simon Vexler, George Pereira and Alexander York, all of whom are ready to share their skills with willing students.

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