Top Tips to Relax your Child before Bed

Top Tips to Relax your Child before Bed

Sleep trouble is not just a problem seen in adults; it is also quite common amongst kids. When children are unable to relax and sleep, they will also keep their parents up. Bedtime can become a downright battle when the little bodies are just not willing to follow the clock. The key is to get your child to relax before bed and get them in the mood to sleep. How can that be done? Some helpful tips are highlighted below:

Set a proper and individualized bedtime

Even though school going kids need anywhere between 9 and 11 hours of sleep, there is plenty of variability in sleep patterns and needs. Some kids don’t change their patterns, no matter what you do. For instance, an early riser will get up at their fixed time in the morning even if they go to bed late. You need to know how much sleep your child needs and set a bedtime accordingly.

Turn off the TV at least two hours before bedtime

If you want to help your child relax at bedtime, it is recommended that you turn off the TV at least two hours before they sleep. According to research, the light from a TV screen, smartphone or computer can interfere with the production of Melatonin. This hormone is an important part of sleep-wake cycles. When the levels of melatonin are high, most kids will feel sleepy and be ready to bed. Even a half hour of TV before bed can keep them up for at least two hours. Thus, it is a good idea to turn off the screens in the bedroom.

Make bath time a priority

A soak in the bath is a relaxing experience for everyone, but most parents rush through it. Instead of considering a bath as a way of cleaning only, consider it as a way of helping your child wind down. Encourage them to float in the water a bit and swirl the water in a soothing, rhythmic way. Soothing music may also be helpful.

Create a sleep-inducing environment

Last, but not the least, the best way to get your children to relax before bedtime is to create a sleep-inducing environment. Dim the lights and remove any distractions, such as toys, that may keep them awake. Opt to read a sleepy storybook as it makes it easier for them to slide into sleep.

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