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Top Tips for Building your LinkedIn Network

Top Tips for Building your LinkedIn Network

There are more than 450 million members on LinkedIn now, which means that having a presence on this social platform has become a must for anyone who wishes to monitor, build and nurture professional connections. LinkedIn has become the go-to-network for businesses and professionals where they get in touch, exchange ideas and also find great talent. The best part is that this social media platform doesn’t have any boundaries so talent can be found across town, across the country or even across the globe. However, the only way you can take advantage of this tool is when you build your personal LinkedIn network effectively.

Some top tips that can come in handy for building your LinkedIn network are listed as follows:

  • Develop a strong foundation

Your profile on LinkedIn is your professional presence online. When a prospective employer or client searches your name, they are probably going to find your LinkedIn file in the search results. So, you have to decide what kind of impression you want to make. Furthermore, your profile also represents you on the platform itself because when you are sharing, commenting or participating in group discussions, your headline summary and headshot is going to be visible. The same applies to your LinkedIn status. You need to do a great job on your profile if you want to build a strong foundation on the platform. This means completing your profile, having a professional image and ensuring your insights are showcased in the best possible way.

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  • Create an intelligent network

A high quality network should be your priority, but this is no excuse to limit your connections. If it makes sense to connect with someone, you should send a personal invitation. It is perfectly acceptable to have a large network on LinkedIn as long as it is an intelligent one. Depending on the content you share, you determine who is attracted to your profile. Having an intelligent network means you are connecting with individuals when it makes sense from both a professional and personal prospective. Sure, you don’t need the connections today, but you may need them in the future and it is best to have a foundation.

  • Maintain a relationship mindset

If you don’t join LinkedIn with a relationship mindset, you are not going to succeed in your goal. All members on LinkedIn are interested in building and growing their network and this requires establishing relationships. You have to get to know the members of your network if you wish to connect with them. When you build deep relationships with the right people, you will benefit in the long run as they can prove to be immensely helpful in growing your presence and visibility.

  • Connect with others and promote them

When you help the members of your network, you are essentially helping your own network grow. Market your own wares, but don’t forget to assist others through endorsements and recommendations because they are also going to reciprocate and this is going to go a long way in strengthening your LinkedIn network.

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