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Tips On How You Can Obtain More YouTube Views For Your Video

I have always been fascinated by the amount of views that many videos on YouTube have. I always thought it’s a bit odd that people are able to obtain that many views on their videos within months. I dug a bit deeper and started researching about the ways you can get more YouTube views on your video. I discovered the blackhat world of views. Supposedly, a majority of these artists who have billions of views on their channels at some point or another have ordered views on their YouTube videos.

I would think this type of action would be monitored by YouTube! After researching a bit more on how the views were obtained I was able to figure out that there are lots of ways people get more YouTube views for there video.

1. You can go to and purchase views for $5.00
2. You can pay people on Facebook and Instagram to advertise your video.
3. You can purchase Google Adwords and advertise through YouTube themselves (Although quite expensive)
4. You can order fiverr gigs on your video to obtain organic SEO

That was some of the ways that I have used to gain many views and subscribers on my YouTube channel. It’s been such a deep journey into the world of YouTube views and bots. I was able to research a bit more on 500views and found out that they are one of the best suppliers of YouTube views in the country. They are based out of Canada and Los Angeles and have a support team always online if you have any questions about your order or service.

In conclusion, it’s common sense for someone to click on a video that has more views than any other. I remember reading this theory from an article. They describe it psychological. The more views a video has the more people will want to click on it and watch it. So if you ever do decide to do YouTube Marketing, make sure you visit 500views as they offer the best deals and best support.

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