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Things You Want to Double-check before You Leave the House to Go on Vacations

Things You Want to Double-check before You Leave the House to Go on Vacations

Going to your favorite destination for vacation can be an exciting experience. However, there are hundreds of things that need your attention before you lock the house and leave for weeks. If you don’t take care of them before leaving, you could end up in a huge trouble when you return. Let’s take a look at some of these things.

Things to Check before Leaving the House

Stop Daily Deliveries

The first thing you want to make sure is that you have personally contacted and stopped the daily delivery services. If you have a milkman coming to your door every day, you have to stop the services for a week. Same goes for newspaper delivery. You don’t want to pay for something you are not going to use for an entire month when you return.

Disconnect Utilities

Make sure you have turned off the lights and any appliances that run on electricity before leaving the house. Turn off the main light switch to disconnect all the lights. Similarly, go into the kitchen and to the fireplace to ensure that you have the gas turned off. Empty the water tanks and geezers to avoid plumbing issues during your absence.

Check the Door Locks

More often than not, homeowners only check the lock on their main gate before leaving the house. However, garage door locks need your attention too if you have a garage in the house. If you have been living with a non-functional garage door lock, you might want to call a professional company to fix it for you.

Final Thoughts

While you are creating your list of items to carry with you during your journey, you might as well want to create a checklist of things you must check before leaving the house. Not to mention, do not forget to record a message on your home telephone for those calling you in your absence.

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