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Things you Should Know When Moving to Singapore

Things you Should Know When Moving to Singapore

With its business friendly climate, high standard of living and the ability to work and live in English, Singapore has become a very popular destination for both expats and immigrants. It is a fantastic country that has a lot to offer in terms of cultural exploration as well and has been given the title of the best city in Asia for expats. Therefore, if you are considering moving to Singapore, it is a good idea. However, there are some things you should be aware of when you have decided to move to this Far East metropolis. What are they? They are listed below:

Hiring the right moving company

Finding an appropriate moving company is the first step you should take when moving to Singapore. This can be a complex move as it features cultural and language barriers, international shipping, complicated immigration processes and different laws. You are going to undergo a lot of stress and a world of problems if you hire the wrong company. Look for firms that have experience in international moving, especially Singapore because you want someone who can make the move go smoothly.

Start the visa processing

Whether you are moving to Singapore for education, work, retirement or even all of these reasons, you have to have the correct visa or else you will not be allowed to stay in the country. As compared to other nations, getting a Singapore visa is quite straightforward. Their design is simple and it is easy to check if you qualify. If you are being hired by a company, you will have to apply for an employment pass, but if you want to set up your own business or even a Representative Office, you will have to apply for the EntrePass. Since visa processing is a lengthy process, it is best to start it as soon as possible.

Get acquainted with the area

While Singapore is a small country, it is a rather large city. When moving to Singapore, there is a lot to discover as you have customs to learn, cultural beats to understand and places to explore. Part of the relocation process is to get to know the area around you and make the necessary adjustments. The more integrated you become, the happier you will be and will not feel homesick.

Look for suitable housing

Obviously, when you are moving to Singapore, you need to have a place to live. Housing can be expensive here because the country is densely populated and is mostly covered in cityscape, which means housing is in high demand. It can be challenging to find the right accommodation in Singapore because you have to find the right balance between affordability, location and quality. You also have to decide where exactly you want to move to, especially when you have a family with you. The area needs to be near the right schools or your office. You can do your research online as there are various guides available to help you in this matter.

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