Things to Consider When Buying Office IP Phones

Things to Consider When Buying Office IP Phones

Once you have started a business, you have to look for the best communication solution for your office. Picking one can be quite a challenge because of the many options available on the market today. However, with a few pointers on the list, you can make sure you pick the best solution that meets the exact needs of your business. So, what are the important considerations to pick the right office telephones? Here are some:

Important Considerations to Pick the Right Office IP Phones

The Necessary Features

The most important things you have to look for include voice, conference, and video options. In offices these days, you have to be able to have video conferences with your employees. The right office IP Phones will have the webcam feature built into them. You will also have to see how many people you can have on the call at the same time. Furthermore, you want to look at the compatibility level of the phones. Can you connect difference types of devices to the phone such as headphones from various brands? In addition to that, your office phones have to be space-saving so they can easily fit on the stations.

The Cost

Of course, you can’t buy anything in this world without considering its cost. When it comes to IP phones, you have to be even more careful with the costs. If you don’t pay attention to the costs, you might end up incurring a huge upfront cost. Not to mention, you will have to look at the set of features you will be getting in that cost. You don’t want to pay for features that you will not be using. Make sure you know your requirements so you pay only for the features that will be useful to you in your office setting.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity is more important than you might realize when it comes to IP phones. The telephone system in the office is usually managed with the help of a big hardware device like the PBX system. All the internal lines go into a hub from where they are managed. In the case of a VoIP system, all the phones are managed from a computer. However, today’s IP phones can also be connected to the main hub without requiring the Ethernet connection. The wireless connectivity ensures you don’t have to spend extra money on cables and accessories. In addition to that, you can move the phone around on various stations when needed.


You also have to look into the fact that some companies will provide you with IP hardware and some with both i.e. hardware and software. Companies that provide you with the IP hardware and software both can sometimes limit you to use only their products with their systems. On the other hand, you have universal office IP Phones that let you connect just about any device with your VoIP service. Make sure you pick high quality hardware too because the quality of your hardware can also affect the quality of the calls.

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