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Things to Consider Before Buying a Sinkhole Home

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sinkhole Home

As Florida is a hotbed for tropical storms, it is not surprising to know that sinkholes form rather easily in the state. Along with these, there are certain human activities like pumping of groundwater for irrigating oranges and other crops that can cause sinkholes. Therefore, when you are purchasing a home in Florida, there is a good chance that that it has a repaired sinkhole. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing such a home, it does require some level of diligence and caution on your part. In fact, buying a home that has a repaired sinkhole can actually be a good thing because these are more affordable.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you purchase one that has an unrepaired sinkhole because these can be dangerous. In order to ensure that the home you are purchasing is safe for you and your family, there are some important things that you should consider. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Look for visible signs

It is a good idea to check the entire property for any visible signs of surface depressions, such as low spots and concave areas. Even though these are natural, it is best to get them checked by an expert.

Check the investigation history

You should ask the seller if there has been any insurance investigation or claim made in the past. The seller is legally obliged to disclose any and all information about previous investigations.

Get correct interpretations

Once the seller provides you with the insurance report, you should ensure it is fully clear to you. If you are confused by any part of the report, it is a good idea to get it evaluated by an expert in order to eliminate the possibility of a problem.

Don’t forget remediation inspection

Lots of companies out there consider sinkholes an opportunity to make money and may claim to be able to fix them, but not all of them will know the appropriate repair methods. It is recommended that you confirm that the pre-construction foundation preparation and sinkhole repairs were done by a reputable company or else there might be problems in the future for you.

Conduct a records search

You should make it a priority to conduct a thorough and detailed records search. You need to know what kind of repairs have been made. There are websites where you can check about different permits and repairs made to homes.

Make sure it can be insured

Another thing to remember is to check whether the home you are buying can be insured or not. If a large insurance claim was taken out by any of the previous owners and they didn’t use it for sinkhole repair, this could lead to complications for you in the future.

Keep an eye on interior damage

When you are inspecting your future home’s interior, you should keep an eye out for cracks and other issues. It is best to ask if these issues existed before or were caused by the sinkhole.

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