Things Every Man Needs to Consider When Buying a Shirt

Things Every Man Needs to Consider When Buying a Shirt

Shirts are a significant part of mens closet. Not just are they a fundamental piece to your suiting, yet when the event calls for it, they stand their own, that is, if you’re wearing the correct fit and fabric for the event.

These are five essential things to search for when purchasing formal shirts for men.

Know your sizes and body type

Numerous men purchase men’s formal shirts in S, L, XL size and it’s no big surprise that they don’t keep an eye on the fit that well. Men’s bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, so don’t be astonished if standard sizes don’t fit you that well, it’s not your fault. That being stated, you can choose your perfect fit for any formal shirts for men by just understanding your body type and measurements, for example, your neck size and arm length, and even chest and waist size.

Focus on the Collar

While there are various collar styles in trend right now from spread collars, to cutaways, to English spread to the truly pointy forward point, the decisions can get overpowering. That said, cut through this overpower and go with the semi-spread. It’s not very stylish or traditionalist and will work out in the right way for any sort of suit and tie. Another detail to focus on with the collar is how it fits on your neck, Gents; your collar should not fit so tight that it makes your face turn red or leaves any marks on the neck.


Formal shirts for men come in various sorts of materials, the most widely recognized ones being cotton and linen. You ought to pick the best material based on the event you want to wear for. We strongly suggest that your every-day shirts be made out of 100% cotton. Make a point to find a cotton shirt that is delicate because you’re most likely going to wear them for at least 5-6 hours every day, so you need to feel good in it. While selecting shirts for formal events, we suggest going for thinner cotton fabrics; the thicker ones can be used for more casual occasions.

Pick Your Color Carefully

Where you can truly let your personality shine through is in the colour and design of your new shirt. With such a broad scope of coloured fabric now accessible for formal shirts for men nowadays, you can be a fun, creative, and exceptional individual in an office of fundamental white and blue. Checks design is incredible for including a bit of colour without making too bold a statement and are versatile enough to be worn with a suit, or with slacks for that smart casual look.

Having a made-to-measure shirt is the ideal approach to alter your shirt how you need it; with that collar type you want to experiment with; along with the unique cuff you like; with the fabric of your choice, and the best of all: having a shirt that fits your body perfectly.

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