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The Uses and the Benefits of Trench Boxes

The Uses and the Benefits of Trench Boxes

One of the most important equipment that are used in the construction industry is a trench box. Also known as trench sheets or trench shields, these are aluminum or steel structures, which are needed for protecting utility workers when they are performing their duty within a trench. Customarily, trench boxes are constructed with sidewalls of different thicknesses held apart by aluminum or steel spreaders. Depending on the width of the trench, it is possible to interchange the spreaders. The depth rating, which is the depth of a trench that the box can withstand without caving in, can vary according to the different building designs and materials used.

The greatest benefits of these trench boxes is that they are the best way to enhance the strength of a trench. There is generally a stand-up time associated with trenches. This is basically the amount of time a trench can last from the time it is dug to the time the surfaces of its wall will begin to collapse. This standup time can vary for every trench; for some it is not longer than a few seconds while it can be as long as numerous months for others. The duration can depend on elements such as soil type, weather condition problems, depth, water material in the dirt and activity around the trench.

The Uses and the Benefits of Trench Boxes

A trench box that’s correctly fitted and positioned will typically provide employees a lot more control over the security of the trench and the stand-up time too. Even though modern construction firms take a lot of security precautions these days, trench jobs are still quite dangerous and can be immensely harmful. Statistics reveal that hundreds of people are killed every year and a lot more are wounded due to trench cave-ins. Therefore, specially-designed trench boxes are used as a way of including defense.

Moreover, these trench boxes are also effective in alleviating the risk of workers being seriously wounded or trapped in case a trench wall collapses. Mishaps still occur, but they are much less likely when trench boxes are used. However, the quality of these boxes and the material used in their making can also make a difference. Government safety authorities have set rules about the security, safety and deepness score rules for the design of these trench boxes for the purpose of standardizing the finest methods of the industry and assuring top quality.

As far as the deepness ranking is concerned, it establishes the depth of a trench for which a box can be used to withstand the pressures imposed by a possible collapse. Professional and registered engineers check trench boxes before approving them to be used. It is recommended that businesses should only purchase recommended and approved trench boxes for ensuring the safety of their workers. They can generally be found online at, which allows you to rent or purchase a trench box, depending on your requirement. Use of these trench boxes reduces the risk of accidents on construction sites thereby preventing any delays in the work timetable.

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