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The Release of Android 11 And What We Have To Look Forward Too

The Release of Android 11 And What We Have To Look Forward Too

2020 version is the hearing in which the Android operating system is released with many patiently waiting to complete the update and see what Android has in store for us for the next coming year. Known as Android 11, it has been released for Google Pixel phones on September 9th but other manufactures such as Samsung are having to wait for the release with should be arriving soon.

Now although with the pre-release phones in which we have already seen for the 11th version of there operating software, Android doesn’t seem to have made many changes to its previous OS Android 10 from the surface, we guide you in showing you what new features to expect in the upcoming release.

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Back in Android 10, the list of notification drawer was messy, non-grouped, and a bit of a mess for its users. Now, Android 11 has brought out a new way of organizing this through three categories; Conversations, Altering, and Silent. Due to these three features, it helped to enable users to access their important notification easier than ever and a nifty little feature we enjoy a lot. 

The new chat bubbles are something that many are used to seeing on Facebook Messenger in the past but have now been released on all types of chats on the Android 11 release. They are chat heads in which stay on your screen even when leaving the main app and are very useless for when mid conversations but doing something else at the time also.

Something that Android fans have been waiting for a while for is the ability to screen record in house rather than having a 3rd party app to do it for you. The whole thing is very simplistic and something that will in time become better but for the majority of consumers it will be adequate.

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