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The Pride Of Humanity, Adbul Sattar Edhi, Passes Away

The Pride Of Humanity, Adbul Sattar Edhi, Passes Away

The World renowned, the most reverenced entity in Pakistan and the chairman of Edhi Foundation, Abul Sattar Edhi, has passed away on Friday evening. Saturday will be the day of his funeral prayer. The prayer will be performed after Zuhr inside National Stadium. Abdul Sattar Edhi will be buried in the grounds of Village called Edhi. While known internationally for his service to humanity, this man astounded the world with his simplicity. Even his last wish was as simple as him being buried in the same clothes that he would wear routinely.

He was so generous to the humans that he had wanted his whole body to be donated after his death. He died at the age of 92 so most of his body parts were not in a condition of being donated. However, his cornea will be used as a donation.

One of the biggest problems he had been walking with was kidney problem. It was found out in 2013 that he had kidney problems and since then he was under treatment at SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation).

His wife, Bilqis Edhi and son, had informed earlier that he was having breathing problems and that the doctors had announced him critical. He was moved to a ventilator for breathing support. This man could have been treated at a better place in some other country because former president Asif Ali Zardari had offered him to be treated out of the country. Abdul Sattar Edhi was too patriot and simple to accept such an offer and so he did not.

Edhi’s story started when his mother passed away due to mental illness and paralysis. Seeing his mother die like this, he took it upon him to help humans in the country and worldwide with their needs. The first clinic that he had opened was in 1951 hoping that he would one help everyone with their needs. He kept on working hard with a team that shared his passion and slowly they started building clinics, orphanage homes, morgues, homes for the elderly etc. The caravan of 1500 ambulances under his name is the most organized ambulance system in the country.

It was only through private donations that he built Edhi Foundation. This huge foundation started out as nothing and the only person behind all efforts was he himself. Even after building such a huge empire this man never changed from what he was. He would wear simple clothes and was seen wearing two sets of clothes almost always.

It was a small room that he lived in and this room was attached with his foundation’s building. When you entered this room you found only one bed and a sink where he would wash his face. His wife says Edhi never used the money he had to even build a house for his children. Other welfare organizations could not do much in this country but it was him who made the whole country donate for his foundation whole heartedly. He could not receive the Nobel Prize but had been in nominations multiple times.

Singers, celebrities, politicians and all well-known personalities from every corner of the country have shown their grief for losing such a great man. Most have considered his loss a loss for the whole world and humanity. Everyone called him the hero of the nation. It is this man who is respected just as much in the elite classes of the country as he is by people living in devastated areas. The simplicity of his personality and the effects of his great efforts will never be forgotten.

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