The Major Perks of Virtual Phone Numbers

The Major Perks of Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are like any other numbers and are dialed the same way, but they connect to an existing office or mobile line of your choice. As a matter of fact, virtual numbers can also be linked to specific voice mail boxes and extensions. There are different services that offer these virtual phone numbers. In fact, you can also get a free virtual phone number and there are some valuable benefits that you can enjoy with them. Some of the major perks are:

One of the greatest perks of virtual numbers is that without paying for multiple lines, you can still have separate numbers for commercial and personal purposes. You can give the number to your customers instead of having to share your home number with them. Depending on the number dialed by the caller, they will be greeted with different voice mail greetings.

When you are getting a virtual number for your business, you can choose one with a different area code. This allows clients in that area to call you without paying long-distance call rates. In fact, you can even opt for toll-free numbers, which encourages people to call your business with ease. You also have the option of getting a local number in foreign countries for your overseas customers. Plus, virtual numbers can be promoted without country, area and extension codes and this makes them easier to memorize.

  1. As compared to separate telephone lines, setting up and maintaining virtual numbers is considerably easier. How? Firstly, there is no need for you to purchase any additional equipment and no long-term contracts are required for virtual numbers. Also, there is no need for you to install any extra hardware or software to have your virtual numbers up and running.
  2. Managing your numbers on the internet is quick and convenient. You can purchase them within minutes and cancel them at any time. If you want to make any changes, there is no need for any paperwork and you don’t need to contact a phone company call center either.
  3. One of the best things about having virtual numbers for your business is that they come with a number of extra features as compared to standard landline or telephone services. They give you the option of call recording, call forwarding, phone conferencing and plenty more. There is also the option of receiving text or email alerts when someone leaves messages for you, which can be incredibly convenient.
  4. Another important perk of virtual numbers is that employees can also be given extensions, which enables your clients to reach the right person easily. There is no extra cost incurred and this can streamline the communication process a great deal.

These virtual numbers are also good for people running multiple businesses as individual virtual numbers can be introduced for each enterprise and a customized greeting can be used. This enables consistent branding and avoids any miscommunication issues in the long run and also helps in keeping costs at a minimum.

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