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The Importance of Everyday Stationery

The Importance of Everyday Stationery

No matter what kind of office you operate from, office stationary like paper, pens, diaries, calculators, etc. will likely form a big part of the everyday functioning of the workplace. However, many businesses never utilize their office stationery to its fullest potential, mainly because they don’t understand the potential of everyday stationery items in influencing the business. Below, we will look at four ways how you can use your office stationary for the betterment of your company.


One of the usages of office stationery is in branding. When you brand your company papers, pencils, staplers, calendars etc., you create a sense of a strong brand identity. People who walk into your office will be exposed to the sight of a uniform, branded workspace where everything from a piece of paper to the pens is branded with the company’s identity. As such, you can easily indicate to the visitors what the company philosophy is just by branding the stationary. For example, if you are a software startup focusing on developing apps for young adults, then by branding the entire office stationery in bright colors and edgy designs, you can easily let the visitor know that your company focuses on youthful, fresh ideas.

Showcase Professionalism

Even if you are not interested in branding your company, the very idea of creating a uniform identity right from the stationary to the clothes your employees wear will send a message to your customers how organized, goal-oriented, and professional your business is. Imagine that you are receiving a client at the office. What do you think will make the greatest positive impact in their mind – the sight of a well branded stationary and overall office space or the sight of a normal working place? You guessed it right. The client will be more impressed by the uniform branding you have created through the stationary and they will see you as being more professional. And once the potential client is impressed by the professionalism displayed by your office, converting them into a real client becomes very easy.

Marketing Tool

Office stationary can also be used as a marketing tool for your business. For example, when the New Year is fast approaching, you can print out a few thousand copies of the next year’s calendar which have a gorgeous design and also the logo of your company. You can then distribute the calendar to your employees who will then hang it in their homes so that every visitor to their home is exposed to your brand. In the same way, you can also distribute a few copies to the nearby businesses and benefit from free advertising in the same way. Once you zero down on some cheap stationery supplies & suppliers, you can easily carry out this marketing tactic with very little cost.

Keep The Business Running

In addition to the above, your office stationery plays a big role in keeping the office running smoothly. Imagine that your clients are cold calling and suddenly find that there are no papers available in the office anymore, or that the pens have all been taken, or that the calculators use to calculate the payment plan for a potential customer has died down. These are circumstances that can cost you many customers. So, keep your office stocked with all the necessary office supplies and you can easily avoid such incidents.

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