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The Cheapest & Most Expensive Places To Fly To

The Cheapest & Most Expensive Places To Fly To

Planning your next vacation abroad? Airfare can be either a pro or a con to visiting certain countries, depending on where you’re planning to fly to. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to narrow down the cheapest and most expensive countries to fly to. In this article, we’ve done all the work for you, so you can get down to business planning your next holiday – wherever it may be! Keep reading to discover the cheapest and most expensive places to fly to worldwide.

The Cheapest

1. Paris

One of the benefits to living in the UK is the cheap airfare to many European destinations! This includes the famous City of Love, aka Paris, France – where a round-trip ticket from London to Paris could cost you as little as 87 USD per traveler. Fair warning, though: using cheap airlines like easyjet can be a bit of a gamble, considering the standard of customer service is much lower than that of traditional airlines. Still, for many travelers, the low prices may be worth opening doors to visit places you may not otherwise be able to afford to fly!

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its unique character, due to the city’s rich 17th-century Dutch history and culture of cycling along public bike paths. Thankfully, if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer in person, or biking along Amsterdam’s historic canal system, roundtrip airfare from Geneva to Amsterdam will only set you back 75 USD per person. Do note that the cost of living in Amsterdam is higher than in other European nations – but at least you will save hundreds on inexpensive airfare to-and-from the city!

3. Warsaw

Despite all the deals we’ve seen so far, the capital city of Poland might just be the cheapest destination yet for travelers on a budget! A roundtrip flight from Paris to Warsaw only costs 45 USD, making it the most affordable city on our list thus far. What’s more, Warsaw offers an extremely low cost of living, meaning you can also find accommodations, dining and attractions in this Polish paradise for half the price of many other cities.

The Priciest

1. Dubai

For a two-week round-trip to Dubai for one, you can expect to spend about 400 USD on flights from Johannesburg to Dubai. Depending on which airport you’ll be leaving from, you can expect to spend more or less than that on your flight – for example, if you’re flying from the UK to Johannesburg first, you’ll have to spend nearly twice that much on airfare. That’s why we’re considering Dubai one of the priciest cities to visit around the world…but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the airfare to see some of the most dazzling sites in the Middle East!

2. Reykjavik

Iceland – and many other Scandinavian nations – are renowned for their high standard of living. However, when it comes to visiting, you can also expect to spend more on travel to Reykjavik than to many other cities nationwide. Flying solo via Icelandair from Munich to Reykjavik could cost you as much as 700 USD round-trip, which is why we’re considering it one of the most expensive destinations worldwide. So, travelers be warned: if you’re dying to see the Northern lights in Iceland, expect to save up thousands of dollars before making the trek abroad!

3. Orlando, Florida

As a wealthy Western nation known for its consumerism, the United States tops many lists of the most expensive places to travel. Orlando, Florida clocks in as one of the most expensive places to fly to in the USA, simply because of the city’s plethora of tourist destinations. From Disney World to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando’s popularity as a theme park haven makes it a travel hub for tourists worldwide. Accordingly, a flight for one from London to Orlando via American Airlines will set you back nearly 900 USD round trip – so if you want to save money on your trip, be sure to look into visiting during the off-season!

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