The Biggest Mistakes People Make in Landscape Photography

The Biggest Mistakes People Make in Landscape Photography

Are you interested in doing landscape photography? Does nature attract you in a completely different way? Landscape photography is quite an exciting activity. You can capture great photos and also experience life the way you deserve to. The freshness of being in nature is something you can’t experience in cities. However, when it comes to landscape photography, here are the most common mistakes that you must avoid to capture the perfect pictures.

Common Landscape Photography Mistakes to Avoid

1.      Going to the Famous Spots Only

If you are only interested in taking pictures of the famous spots, you haven’t felt the essence of landscape photography basics. Yes, famous spots can be great for learning because you know the best angles and ca you can replicate them. However, landscape photography gives you the opportunity to explore the natural world. If a stunning view of mountains or ocean captivates you, just capture it without thinking whether or not people know that spot.

2.      Not Using the Manual Mode

It does not matter which particular device you are using for taking the snaps, you have to switch to the manual mode. Yes, the convenience of shooting in automatic mode is quite an attraction, but you should not let it keep you from learning. It takes time to learn to control the many components of manual photography, starting from white balance and ISO to shutter speed and field of view. Also, make sure that you have all necessary dslr accessories. Learn here about best DSLR accessories.

3.      Ignoring the Horizon

Horizon is often the strength of landscape photographs, so you can’t really ignore it. However, what many beginner landscape photographers end up ignoring is the angle of horizon. You want to keep it straight according to your picture. If your horizon isn’t aligned in the picture, post-processing will solve the problem. However, you might lose something valuable from the pictures due to cropping at times.

4.      Joining Other Photographers

When you go to the famous spots, or even less famous spots at times, you will see other photographers. If a bunch of them is standing at a spot, it will tempt you to take a picture from that point too. However, that’s where you have to avoid the temptation. With 10 photographers shooting from the same point, how different can their pictures be? Take a few shots with them but then spend the rest of the time finding another location. Be different!

5.      Not Capturing the Subject

As strange as it may sound, landscape photographers make this mistake more often than not. When you are taking pictures of people, you know who you want to be the focal point. On the other hand, pictures of rivers, plains, and other flat landscapes are difficult because the subject isn’t standing and waving at you. Here, you have to be intelligent with how you use the lenses and which ones for that matter. No, wide angle lens is not the lock, stock, and barrel of landscape photography.


That pretty much covers the common mistakes that starters make. Of course, there is a lot of learning for you as you continue to take photographs of the natural landscapes. Just be sure to keep yourself out of the conventions. Experiment with stuff, and while it pays off to listen to others’ advice, you should also try to go the extra mile with your efforts to discover the undiscovered.

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