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The Advantages of Freelancing for Cryptocurrency

The Advantages of Freelancing for Cryptocurrency

Freelancing is not a new phenomenon and it has been around for a while. The ability of making your own schedule full-time or possibly being able to generate a part-time income on the side is an attractive proposition for many. In the last decade due to technological advancement, online freelance opportunities were created, which came to be known as ‘e-lancing’. These helped in making a significant improvement in the lifestyle of freelancers and simplified the process. This was mostly due to the fact that it eliminated the need to have physical meetings, lengthy correspondences and advertising because everything can now be done remotely.

Now, the freelance industry has taken another giant leap forward as new freelancing platforms have been established where freelancers can now get paid in the form of cryptocurrencies. You can find a number of such platforms such as and they are gaining popularity because cryptocurrency is a more secure form of payment than fiat currency such as the US dollar. At one time, the use of electronic payments with fiat currency was considered a revolutionary improvement. However, the use of cryptocurrency is a better alternative in several ways:

No Fees

The first and most notable benefit that freelancers can enjoy when they sign up to freelance for cryptocurrency is the elimination of any fee. The current freelancing platforms take almost 20 percent of the total earnings of a freelancer. Moreover, when freelancers use cash on other platforms, they are subjected to additional withdrawal fees for transferring to their bank account and these are mandatory. In some cases, banks also charge yet another fee for processing the transfer. When using cryptocurrencies, such fees are not incurred at all because there is no third party involvement.

No Bank Account Needed

Another major advantage of freelancing for cryptocurrency is that you don’t need to have a bank account any more. Previously, millions of people around the world who didn’t have a bank account were unable to become a part of the global freelance economy. Cryptocurrency has opened up the world of freelancing for such people. In addition, when cryptocurrency is being used, people don’t have to deal with the inconvenient rules and regulations that are imposed by banks and other financial institutions.

Instant Payments

The speedy and quick transaction times are a huge benefit of the use of cryptocurrency. When you had to transfer fiat between different platforms, a number of steps were involved, but in the case of cryptocurrency only a single transaction is required. Furthermore, using cryptocurrency also provides users with a great deal of control over their funds. There is no longer any need for them to wait for several days for the funds to be made available in their accounts for spending purposes. Freelancers can now enjoy complete control over their money the minute they arrive in their wallet.

Hence, freelancing for cryptocurrency is definitely a move ahead as it has eliminated the hassles associated with regular and electronic payments and opened up opportunities for more and more people.


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