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Technology Makes The Jungle Book Feel Real – Movie Review

The Jungle Book is refreshingly behind the times in storytelling. It comes with more charms and daydreams than the other successful movies of its genre. Jon Faveau, the director of the movie has done something quite extraordinary in putting lots of weight of the power of the narration directly on the shoulder of the main character Mowgli (played by Neel Sethi), and has taken care of everything if he does not do it well with grace, wittiness and wonder.

However, the little champ is a gem who has excellently demonstrated his skills as a performer making us embark on the flight of the imagination. His performance does not make us question that jungle in Rudyard Kipling with real animals really exist.

The movie has amazing and immersive effects which do not look intrusive when Ben Kingsley who is playing Bagheera in the Jungle Book, begins to tell the story. The audience is completely transported with whatever is conveyed to them throughout the fantasy in the movie.

Though the movie visibly has pulled directly from the classic animated cartoon, it gives a spanking new and tempting feel.  Despite several throwbacks that include music and a few dialogues, the Jungle Book has the absolute sense of reality. The director has made the viewers to care and share healthy emotions on the show of this typical adventure story. The movie has impressive technical achievements which gives a complete picture of wonder and fantasy. Plus, the special effects have a powerful role in serving a great purpose which is ahead of simple astonishment.

After we have watched the movie, it feels quite amazing to realize that nothing we just saw on screen was real. The animation has magically given soul to the story, hence lots of appreciations and respect should be dedicated to the animators who brought this story to a life.

The movie has some moments of intensity that are likely to upset young brood. However, these moments go with the story and fill the jungle with a feel of danger.

The script writing from Justin Marks is inspired by the cartoon film but also carries its own rhythms and tones. Additionally, the dubbing artists including Christopher Walken, Idris Elba, and Kingsley have done an amazing job and have given the character a personality.

The child actor, Neel Sethi has performed a magical job hence has made everything feel real and amazing. As one of the best performance, he guiltily depicts different characteristics from Mowgli as a brave child who has a stubborn heart as well. He has the personality full of tricks, and is fiercely devoted, and caring.

The Jungle Book is a family entertainment. The director seemingly has proven himself as a sensitive director for once again. He knows how to play with the story and bring it to a lively depiction.  The Jungle Book carries all the original, cutting-edge technology that makes it magical, and a real optimism, as well as an emotional drama whereas other blockbusters lack this despite having the visuals. 

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