Summer Fashion Shoe Trends You Must Try Out This Year

Summer Fashion Shoe Trends You Must Try Out This Year

Shoes are a primary accessory for both men and women and they play an important part in creating a stylish and memorable look. Whether it’s high heels or flats, everyone decides how they want their shoes to look. You can mix and match all styles in various shape and color combinations. See below some summer fashion trends expected this year.

1. Beveled heel shoes. We can see such type of a heel on cowboy boots and is now used in all types of shoes, excluding sports shoes. Ordinary shoes with a sloping heel or ankle boots look very elegant. A distinctive feature of such pumps is a pointed nose, which give women a more sophisticated look.

2. Trapezia heel shoes. Always in fashion because women love it. Heel-trapezium gives shoe stability and is very comfortable to wear. The trapeze harmonizes with boots and projects a casually sexual feel.

3. Kitten-heel. This type of heel comes in and out of style. Expect to see it this summer.

It makes women look feminine and tender.

4. Column heel will be very trendy in 2019. Many well-known designers and all types of shoes use this heel. It looks exceptionally good and exciting with classic shoes, ankle boots, and knee-high boots.

5. Flared heel. This will be a relatively new trend in 2019. It is quickly gaining popularity among fashionistas. The shape of this heel is reminiscent of hip-huggers or a glass?. According to designers, this heel shape is very stable and makes women look showy and sexual


Orange shoes, orange flip-flops, orange boots. And everything else – too! So, spring will be filled with yellow clothes and orange shoes. It will be fun! Examples are Carolina Herrera, Fendi, and Versace.

Marine theme in shoe fashion

Summer and sea are synonymous. While dreaming about a vacation and a beach, do not deny yourself the pleasure to prolonging the season with an “ocean” feeling. Designers Altuzarra, Michael Kors and Pyer Moss decorated shoes and sandals with sea stars, shells, fishing nets and other elements.

Ballet shoes have become iconic on the Olympus of fashion. Fashion designers like Off White, Christian Dior and 3.1. Phillip Lim have a plethora of styles to offer fashionistas.

It is feather time!

If to imagine a rating of trendy shoes, feathers would take one of the top places for shoe trends this year and are one of the most extravagant. While feathers have appeared quite a bit on clothing, shoes decorated with weightless feathers are a wonder to see. Check out Brock Collection, Dries Van Noten and Valentino.


Platform shoes are in fashion again. Anna Sui, Michael Kors, and Monse offer women of fashion to become a little taller. Note, flat platform shoes and wedge sandals could be the most popular this summer.

Wedge sandals

If you want to be in fashion and feel comfortable, wedge sandals is the right option for you. They look interesting and go well with both, jeans and skirts. It is a choice of a true lady making a look feminine, engaging and stylish. It is an unbelievably viable option for a city pace of living, in particular, if you wear casual, street style or sport chic kind of looks.

Fringe shoes

Women wearing shoes with a fringe are crowned with a garland of victory. You can see gladiator sandals and tassels, and fringe of thin chains in the collections of Oscar de la Renta, Longchamp and Coach, decorated with suede “mace.”


Another hotter trend are shoe prints. “You can even meet spring with flowers in boots,” says Elie Saab (reference? link). However, the designers did not stop at the same colors (what do you mean by “did not stop at the same colors”): practically all possible prints are on fashionable shoes – from animalistic to paisley (Burberry, Zimmermann, Versace).

Anything that glitters

The most spectacular and fashionable shoes are adorned with brilliant decor. Rhinestones and crystals sparkle and shimmer in the collections of Burberry, Balmain, and Christopher Kane shoes making every day look like a holiday.

Transparent shoes

Designers could not say goodbye to transparent shoes that were fashionable last season. Designers demonstrated their new look through the example of boots and sandals made of transparent plastic.

Variations on the theme of sport

Unconventional decisions of sport summer shoes can be seen: shoes, reminiscent of sneakers. One cannot help but marvel at the fantasies of designers Prada, Versace and Jeremy Scott! Can you add the link to this Rihanna heel?

Lace it up!

Lace-up sandals will perfectly fit into a summer look. In this style, colors for a great look could be brown or beige.

As you can see, women have a plethora of shoe choices for this summer. Do not be afraid to take a risk, draw attention, and look gorgeous. Keep in mind that it is rather harmful for the feet to wear high heels all the time, and you should combine high heels with flat shoes.

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