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Stunning and Emotional; Everest Review

In 1996, a Mount Everest summit experience could be purchased by a relatively inexperienced climber for $65000. Disaster struck some climbing teams moving towards the Nepalese summit that year and with numerous implications, ‘Everest’ is basically a 3-D creation of that event. The questions may be difficult, but the movie does its best to answer them. The result is that the battle of nature vs. man comes off as more realistic than ever before. Under the assured direction of Baltasar Komrakur, the movie is a heart-pounding and nerve-wracking version of the children’s poem ‘Jack and Jill’, which warns kids about the dangers of height.

Comprising of mostly men, the ascent teams are played by some really fine actors who are making a shaky ascent for the sake of adventure. The movie excels in showcasing the risks associated with the dangerous sport. Anyone with a problem of hypothermia, snow blindness and images of vertigo should be cautious. Death Zone is the name given to Everest’s peak and not jokingly as the 26,000 feet region has free-fall cliff faces, murderous storms and scant oxygen. The details of the 1996 tragedy have been depicted in vivid detail, which led to the death of eight climbers.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Clarke are the expedition leaders, Scott Fisher and Robert Hall respectively. Fisher is a party animal with an easygoing and friendly nature whereas Hall is wiser and more circumspect. They are the two of the leaders who have the job of taking climbers to the top and bringing them down safely. But, there are no guarantees and the camp itself embodies this warning in the form of stone tombs constructed as memorials of those whose bodies couldn’t be recovered. Weeks of planning, acclimatizing and practice are involved in the preparation period and some new arrivals are introduced who are into the climb for the thrill of it or for recognition.

Beck Weathers played by Josh Brolin is a Texan who prefers to climb rather than deal with his troubled marriage. Jon Krakauer is played by Michael Kelly, who is a journalist working for Outside magazine and wrote the bestseller ‘Into the Air’. There is also Doug Hansen played by John Hawkes, a veteran climber and postman who saved for years by working three jobs to climb Everest. They all begin the climb after a ritual at the Nepalese monastery in good weather and proceed slowly. However, the blessing doesn’t last long as anxiety mounts.

The teams use wrong routes, create traffic jams, collide and slide. There is a huge storm on the mountain and the climbers are hit by a harsh blizzard. Eight die, some quickly and some slowly while the others cling to life by inches. Life gives another chance to some whereas in some cases death emerges victorious. This is an extraordinary true story that’s cinematically flawless, exciting, soulful and heartbreaking at the same time. You can buy discount coupons for Everest and other top movies at matchzup.com and go watch them on the big screen. 

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