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Unique Features of StsRoyal Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading Platform




Becoming a trader is a dream for many and for a long time it was exactly that, a dream. Why? This is because the trading market is a complex one and requires you to have some knowledge and not just access to capital. However, if you believe that you have the money as well as the skill needed for this world, you can also become a trader. But, in order to get started, you will need to look for a broker as that’s how you start trading. The widespread use of the internet means that there is absolutely no shortage of options, but not everyone can be relied upon. The internet is also a stomping ground for cyber criminals and scammers and you need to look for a genuine and trustworthy broker.

If you do some research, you will come across StsRoyal, an offshore broker specializing in cryptocurrency and forex trading. When you invest with StsRoyal, you will be able to begin trading 17 forex pairs and this list of currency pairs includes some of the most profitable ones such as the Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira and South African Rand.

These pairs are unique and exotic and not every broker out there will give you these options. The good news for traders is that you are not just limited to these options as StsRoyal also allows you to invest your capital in a wide array of stocks, commodities including sugar, coffee, wheat and corn, spot metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium. You can also use StsRoyal for investing in oil and natural gas if you wish. However, if you have chosen to enter the trading world for buying and selling the newest trend i.e. cryptocurrencies, you can also get access to popular cryptocurrencies on StsRoyal such as Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Regardless, perhaps one of the most unique and appealing features of StsRoyal that has allowed it to cater to the entire market is the options available for making an account. The numerous account types are available for meeting the needs of traders belonging to different levels and having unique skill-sets. Hence, you can make an account that suits your needs in the best possible way. The account types offered by StsRoyal are:

Basic Account

The first option is also the most basic one; it gives you a 10% leverage, but asks for a minimum investment of EUR 500 and you cannot put in more than EUR 2,500. With the basic account, you get access to trading alerts, advanced charts and also gain part-access to some of the valuable educational materials that StsRoyal has to offer to the traders. A 30% loyalty bonus is also available through this account.

Silver Account

If you go a level up, you can open a Silver Account, which carries a minimum deposit requirement of EUR 2,500. With this account, you can make an investment of up to EUR 10,000. The leverage you get in this account is 20% and its bonus and other features are consistent with the basic account. You also get customer support five days a week and can attend trading sessions twice weekly.

Gold Account

A higher level account, Gold requires you to deposit at least EUR 10,000 to start trading and you can invest around EUR 50,000 through it. Regarded as a premium account, it gives you access to 30% leverage and you can access the entire educational material and courses offered by StsRoyal. Traders can also enjoy webinars, additional trading session and trading alerts along with exclusive updates.

Platinum Account

Serious traders who can invest a minimum of EUR 50,000 can opt for this option and it allows a maximum investment of EUR 250,000. The leverage and loyalty bonus available through this account is 40% and unlimited trading sessions are also included. The features of other accounts are inclusive in this one and you also benefit from additional features such as daily market review and money management.

Diamond Account

Professional traders are going to love this option that requires a minimum of EUR 250,000 and can be used for trading as much as they want. 50% leverage and loyalty bonus applies and unlimited access to Junior and also Senior account manager is available.

A prominent feature of StsRoyal is that it runs on the Tradologic software that doesn’t just fulfill market regulations, but is also easy to master due to its user-friendly interface. It creates a secure and intuitive trading environment, which is easy for both beginners and experienced traders to understand and use. Even if there is any problem, StsRoyal has a powerful customer support team ready to assist traders at every point. You can reach out to their responsive and creative team via phone call or start a live chat on their website. Email, an online contact form and Skype are other options that can be explored.

Security is a priority for StsRoyal as it is aware of the risk of hacks and it only uses customer information for providing them an excellent service. It is not the broker’s practice to share information with outsiders or unauthorized parties and 256-bit SSL encryption has been implemented for encrypting and securing all data and communications. Traders are asked to use strong passwords and a firewall is used for an added layer of protection.

Apart from these features, one of the most noticeable and useful addition on StsRoyal is its comprehensive education center. Here it offers amazing courses on different aspects of trading that can be immensely beneficial for new traders and also teach some great tricks to experienced ones to help them in improving their overall strategy and earning higher profits.

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