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South Korea Getting Really Sick Of North Korea Now

North Korea continues to cause big waves of unsettlement in the region with its recent actions. While the condemnation to its recent action is coming from all around the world, South Korea is the most vehemently opposing country. South Korea is not happy with what the North Korean government is up to and it has finally decided that it will take actions that will force North Korea to go back on its recent streak of extreme actions. The harshest words came from South Korean president Park Geun-Hye after the recent rocket launch experiment from North Korea that the rest of the world believes is actually a test of nuclear missiles.

A jointly-run industrial park has already been suspended by South Korea following the recent rocket launch experiment from North Korea. North Korea was already being warned to not do the experiment because many other countries including South Korea believed that it was not a space rocket test from North Korea but a test of some nuclear missile. The president of South Korea also said that the current actions that North Korea is taking are a clear proof that the country does not want to secure peace in the region.

President Park also talked about further actions that South Korea might take against North Korea in order to make it realize that what it is doing recently is wrong. She said it in the parliament that further actions will be taken to limit North Korea in its extreme actions and that suspension of the industrial park was the first glimpse of many other sanctions and actions coming in future from South Korea. She stated in clear words that the actions North Korea was taking might be constructive and protective in Nature for it but in reality they are the opposite.

She said that these actions will only cause the North Korean regime to fall on the ground and will provide no protection to the country whatsoever. South Korea and the US are fully sure of the fact that the latest tests conducted by North Korea were not what the country made them appear to be. They were not tests of rockets taking satellites into space but were tests of missiles that could carry nuclear weapon. In that sense, North Korea was not complying with the resolutions of United Nations Security Council and had to be punished for its actions.

On the other hand, North Korea has not acceded to any claims made by the US or South Korea. According to North Korea the experiments were not for nuclear missile but for rockets that will facilitate future space programs for North Korea by making it easy to send satellites into space. South Korea and the US are constantly talking to China on the matter in order to receive some support from China on the matter. They have been trying to convince China to either stop North Korea from taking such actions or prepare for the sanctions coming in from the US.

China is the close ally of North Korea and since China does not want a regime in its region that complies to the orders coming from the US, it is at the moment compelled to either support North Korea or not pass out any serious warnings to its ally. If North Korean government falls, it could give way to a government that would be more complying to the US policies, and this will not be in favor of China. South Korean president said that her country was fully ready to take actions against any extreme moves made by North Korea.

The president of South Korea also believes that the current situation in the region is being created by North Korea because it wants to create political instability in the region. She said that this is not going to happen and things must not go in the favor of what North Korea wants. She actually warned North Korea to not take any actions that would cause political stir in the region and that’s why she wants the country to stop doing nuclear tests covertly. China has been quiet on the matter with very mild language against North Korea’s actions in order to avoid a pro-US regime in North Korea.  

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