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Some of the Best Tips for Safe Social Media Sharing

Some of the Best Tips for Safe Social Media Sharing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. are just some of the social networks that have become a part of our daily lives. They have become useful tools for everyone and not just teenagers. These websites are now an essential tools for job search, have come across the corporate firewall, are one of the most important apps on our smartphones are an excellent tool for connecting with friends and family. However, participating in social media sharing means that you are leaving behind a trail of your personal information that can be used for stealing your identity or cause you other problems.

Therefore, you have to exercise a lot of caution when it comes to social media sharing. Here are some great tips that can help you in this regard:

There are some things that you shouldn’t share

Yes, the whole point of social networking is to open up and share stuff with other people. Nonetheless, there are some things that you shouldn’t share with anyone, whether they are your colleagues or your friends. There really is something like too much information. Your social security number, your home address, your birth date and home phone number all fall under this category. Plus, you also need to protect your passwords, bank account, PIN numbers and also your credit card information.

Customize your privacy options

Social networking platforms provide their user with more and more options to customize their privacy settings. Gone are the days when you just had to accept the default settings and couldn’t do anything about it. Make sure you use the options that suit you to ensure your data is not accessed by unauthorized individual. If you are sharing confidential information, it is best to use social networks such as It keeps your information encrypted and only shares information with authorized people. You can share anything and rest assured that it will never fall into the wrong hands.

Don’t just trust anyone; verify them first

Making fake ids is also a norm these days and people use them for gaining access to someone else’s account. For instance, someone makes an id with your friend’s name and sends you a request on Facebook. You will obviously accept and this will give them access to all the data you share. Therefore, you should never add anyone before you have verified them. Even a single mistake can lead to a world of problems for you.

Search yourself

You can check how much data about you is out there by doing a Google search with your name. See what shows up because this will be the information you have shared on social networks. If there is anything you don’t want to share or has accidentally ended up as public information, you can immediately go to the respective network and make changes to your settings to ensure your data is not compromised.

Follow these tips and you will be able to practice safe social media sharing without putting any of your information at risk.

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