Simple Steps for Selling a Car Online

Simple Steps for Selling a Car Online

There is no denying that selling is not as much fun as buying, but it is also a fact that your automotive love affair is bound to end one day. This means you have to make an effort to sell your car online, but it is actually a good move because it doesn’t involve the same amount of hassle you would have to deal with if you go to a deal or go for classified ads. The extra hour put in on writing a description of the vehicle and taking pictures for posting on a sales price can actually net you a higher price and this makes it a very good deal. So, how to go about selling a car online? Just follow the steps outlined below and you are on your way:

Step 1: Opt for the right sales venue

There are a plethora of online sales sites where you can list your vehicle for selling purposes. Every website has some ups and downs like the relentless countdown clock on eBay can drive away some bidders or the free ads on Craigslist mean that you are lost in a sea of ads. The trick is to post on several platforms as this provides you exposure to a larger audience and increases your chances of getting a response.

Step 2: Take a good number of pictures

If you are really dedicated to selling your car online, you need to make some effort and take good quality pictures of your car. The first thing you should do is clean your car first to make it presentable and then take pictures in good light. Also, show pictures of all essential aspects like the roof, the four sides, engine, the interior and also the undercarriage and odometer. The ideal shot is capturing the entire car in clear and proper light.

Step 3: Come up with a description

Enter a proper description that details how long you have owned the car, its good features, the work it has had and the downsides too. Being honest always works because it shows the buyer that you are not clueless and are not trying to cover a disaster.

Step 4: Decide on a price

In order to come up with a price, you can do some research on the automotive sites and see what people are asking for a car similar to yours. Obviously the price you settle on can vary as per your vehicle’s condition, but don’t decide on the lowest possible price just to get some bids. Also, remember that buyers often like to negotiate so make sure the price you quote has some wiggle room or else you might turn people away.

Step 5: Time to sell

Don’t forget to add a phone number so potential buyers can reach you quickly and post your ad at the right time. For instance, if you are posting on eBay, post on Thursday so your ad doesn’t get lost in the weekend wave. Always be available to answer your phone.

Follow these steps and selling your car online will be easy and quick. If you live in UAE, CashYourCarUAE is one of the most reliable companies that can help you in selling your car conveniently. They are also very helpful when it comes to vehicle registration renewal.

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