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Simple Local SEO Tips That Small Businesses Should Try

Simple Local SEO Tips That Small Businesses Should Try

There is no denying that global search engine optimization is important, but you also cannot ignore the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO). Statistics show that at least 70% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphones or tablets are likely to visit a store on the very same day. Thus, if the visibility of your business is not ranking high in your area, your brick and mortar location will lose customers to competitors. Yes, it takes time for any business to improve their local SEO, but here are some tips that can turn out to be very useful in this regard:

Make your business listings a priority

A business listing is created over time and duplicate listings may also be accumulated. It is your job to go and take a look at them to claim all those under your business’s name and remove the duplicate ones. Also, you should ensure that the information available under those listings is up-to-date and accurate. There are tools that you can use for this purpose so most of your work is cut down and you can rest assured that your prospect will only see what you want them to see.

Understand the importance of location pages

Search engines crawl websites and find the most relevant matches to provide as a result after a search has been conducted. If customers are doing a local search, you want your business to show up in the result pages and that can only happen if you have a specific landing page for all your business locations. This will make it simpler for search engines to locate your listing and show you to the customer. Your location information should include the town and city and you can also add road, avenue, etc. for a more precise result. You can get the help of professionals, such as people from, an SEO Toronto company. They know exactly how to get you local customers.

Boost NAP consistency

Another thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your name, address and phone number (NAP) needs to be consistent if you want search engines to give your business as a result to the consumer. However, you have to be careful here because it is not just about writing your name; if your business name includes Inc. and LLC., then you need to add those. You should also be attentive to street name, avenue and suite numbers because any conflict can prevent your business from showing up.

Get reviews

Every business should understand that reviews are vital for local SEO because they help your listing to stand out. If you can convince your local customers to leave a positive review for you on Google, it can go a long way than any other local SEO tactic. Reviews help in improving your rankings and they are also able to claim more real estate on the results page, which ensures that the searcher doesn’t give the other names much attention.

With these strategies, you can optimize your local SEO efforts, which can give you the visibility and exposure you desire and get you increased traffic and conversions.

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