Secret Tel Aviv – Cool Things and Places to Know About

The city of Tel Aviv, as many people know (especially those who are familiar with Israeli culture) is a place for all types: young and old, rich and poor. People from different ethnicities and backgrounds live together in simple harmony. It’s not uncommon to find a neighborhood filled with locals drinking coffee or smoking shisha at one of the cafes found around the city. Levinsky Market – This communal experience may happen all over the world, but it is definitely one that perfectly jives with the vibes of Tel Aviv.  The market is definitely a tourist attraction but the locals are certainly there, and they are always around to offer a quick smile and a word or two of advice.

There’s an ever-changing mix of street performers who come to show off their talents on the Promenade. From spontaneous folk dancing groups to break dancers, this place has it all.

Palmach Museum – The Palmach was the active brigade of the Haganah, Israel’s pre-state military force, who trained underground for years during British rule. It was established in 1942 and eventually became the backbone of the Israeli army during Israel’s War of Independence in 1948.

One of its better-known members is Yigal Allon, who went on to become an important general but was also a central figure in pre-state politics.

Park Hayarkon – Tel Aviv may be known for its picturesque beaches and its turquoise waters, but many don’t realize this garden city is home to some of Israel’s nicest parks!

The historic Hayarkon – Street is a leafy pedestrian promenade that cuts right through the city center. It’s flanked by beautiful old trees, colorful flower beds and hidden gems like Tzavta…

Folk Dancing on the Promenade –  Tel Aviv may be hip and modern, but Tel Avivians definitely know how to honor our age-old culture. with folk dancing! Every Saturday on the coastal promenade, hundreds gather with live Israeli music, and spend the afternoon dancing with one another. It’s classy, it’s lively, and it’s oh so wholesome.

The White City Museum of Graffiti: Touring the streets of trendy Florentin, you may be shocked to discover that almost every wall is covered in graffiti! But don’t fret, this isn’t run-of-the-mill spray paint vandalism!

Something that makes Tel Aviv so unique is the enormous array of cafes and bars that seem to be ALWAYS busy, but often the majority of tourists don’t even know these places exist! Exploring Tel Aviv is all about discovering cool and quirky little bars, cafes, restaurants and events that most people won’t have discovered on their own.

Ecstatic Dance – This communal experience may happen all over the world, but it is definitely one that perfectly jives with the vibes of Tel Aviv. On Wednesdays, from October to February (and then “maybe” April), people gather in Jaffa for a night of dance and spontaneity on the Tel Aviv Promenade.

The only problem is that it’s not easy to find out about this hidden gem — you have to either know someone or own one of the small team of dancers organizing these events. It’s Basically one huge dance party, sometimes with a live band accompanying the dancers.

Rikud – Outside of Tel Aviv University, there is a large gathering Friday nights in July and August at 10pm called “Rikud” (Dance) where people come for a night filled with various dance groups showcasing their talents.

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