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Russians Head to Vote as Easy Win for Putin Expected

Vladimir Putin is expected to earn an easy victory in the Presidential Election that is being held on Sunday. However, officials have been blamed by opponents for compelling people to take part, as a low turnout could have altered the results.

Expert opinions have put Putin as a clear favorite, as he’s anticipated to be backed by 70 percent of the people, which is almost ten times the amount as the next best contender. If he wins and finishes the term, it would mean a quarter of a century as President for Putin. A remarkable period that is exceeded only by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin among the Kremlin.

Putin has strong support in Russia, where the people credit him for standing up against other countries for the interest of the nation. The drive by Russia in Syria that involved bombings, the move to annex the Crimea region of Ukraine and the alleged interference by Russian hackers in the U.S. Presidential Election, all have been hailed by the Kremlin. They believe that Putin has shown signs of a strong world leader, where the West disagree and have been critical of his decisions.

Quite recently, a death of a Russian double agent in England by a never toxin, has resulted in allegations against Putin. The incident however, has not tarnished his reputation as Moscow denied the claims.

Lyubov Kachan, a teacher hailing from the southern region in Russia called Ust-Djeguta, was interviewed and said that she had voted for Putin. She claimed that other countries see Russia in negative light, and Putin was the only one who stood up against them.

There was a fear among the Putin’s campaign managers that many voters thought Putin’s re-election as a foregone conclusion, and thus would not turn up to vote for him. The opponents claimed that employees were being forced to vote by employers who have close ties with Putin’s government. They also said that voters were being forced to bring back proof of their participation, as people could be seen taking photos on their phones outside or near the ballot boxes. Private buses could also be seen near voting centers, carrying a crowd of voters.

Five people were seen taking pictures of themselves while voting, at a polling station in Zelenodolsk. The town is located 800 km east of Moscow, where upon questioning one of the five responded that it was for a report requested by their bosses. In another polling station in Ust-Djeguta, a couple of teenage girls were being supervised by a woman, as they photographed voters for her bosses.

The only politician who could have challenged Putin in the elections, was not allowed to contest. Alexei Navalny was convicted in a case of corruption, which he claimed was fabricated by the officials, as he urged voters not to participate in what he said was a violation of democracy.

Voters see no alternative to Putin, as he enjoys dominance on the political scene, with state-controlled television channels singing his praises to the nation.

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