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Russia and France Strike ISIS

On Tuesday, Russia and France bombed Islamic State targets in Syria as a punishment for the groups for the terrorist attacks that were carried out in Paris and also for the bombing of the Russian airliner, which together led to the death of 353 people. The countries also took the first tentative steps for establishing a military alliance. The Islamic state took the responsibility for the coordinated attacks carried out against the two countries. On October 31, they had brought down a Russian charter jet over Sinai and on Friday, they carried out terrorist attacks in Paris. The ISIS said that these attacks were in response to the Russian and French air raids in Syria and Iraq.

France was still reeling from the onslaught on Friday that led to the death of 129 people and they made a formal request to the European Union to assist them in their battle against the Islamic State. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister also moved closer to initiating military action against the ISIS in Syria. Two locations were discovered by the police in Paris during their investigation of perhaps the worst atrocity that had occurred in France since World War II. They believe that these locations were the base from where the terrorists begun their assault.

The expanding scope of the investigation was underlined by the police in Germany when they said that seven suspects had been arrested, which included two women. The Kremlin acknowledged in Moscow that a Russian airliner had been destroyed by a bomb last month, which led to the death of 224 people. The Russian president Vladmir Putin said that airstrikes against Syria would be intensified and they would hunt down those responsible for the bombing. He said that the military work shouldn’t just be continued by the air force, but should be kicked up a notch to send a message to the criminals that there will be consequences for what they do.

The cruise missiles and the long-range Russian bombers attacked various Syrian targets on Tuesday, which also included the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. The location was also targeted by the French warplanes for the second day running in a separate action. While the operations by Moscow and France are not being coordinated, Francois Hollande, the French President has requested for a worldwide campaign against the terrorists in the wake of the Parris atrocity. Putin and the Kremlin talked to Hollande on the telephone and the Russian navy had been ordered to contact the French navy going to the eastern Mediterranean and consider them allies.

Air strikes had been initiated by Russia in September in Syria and while the country claims that they are targeting the Islamic State, most of their bombs end up hitting territories that belong to people against their ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On November 24, Hollande will be meeting Barrack Obama, the Russian President and will go to Moscow on November 26 to meet Putin. The whole point of these meetings is to push for a united drive against the Islamic State. 

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