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Ringo Starr with Other Artists Cancel Their NC Concert In Protest Over Bathroom Bill

Anti-gay legislation has made many people protest against the passed bill. Amongst the protestors, The English musician Ringo Starr is a famous celebrity who has canceled his NC concert which was scheduled to take place in this summer.

Starr officially called off this concert on Wednesday.  Former Beatles’ drummer has apologized to his fans in the area and says he is sorry for this cancellation but he feels it is important to protest over this hatred step taken by the state.

The English singer was lined up to play in Cary, North Carolina on June 18. Besides Starr, Bruce Springsteen has too cancelled his NC concert over Bathroom Bill in protest of new anti-gay bill that has extensively perceived as unfair against gays and transgender people.

Starr released a statement on Facebook saying he is following the American musician and other artists who are struggling in opposition to the narrow-mindedness. The same statement was also published by Beautiful Day Media on Wednesday.

The Bathroom Bill is an anti-gay legislation recently passed by the state of North Carolina that says no city and country will protect gays from discrimination nor force transgender citizens including kids studying in public schools to make use of public bathrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificates.

Starr in his statement quoted the Canned Heat and the Beatles, and said the anti-gay legislation is the beginning to open door to discrimination all over the place as it limits anti-discrimination act that is not in the favor of people who are found on their sexual orientation or gender distinctiveness.

Starr feels really sad to realize the state believes that gays and transgender citizens cannot be protected, and so asks organizations for their cooperation in making efforts to knock over the legislation.

The new law has forced many celebrities to fight against the discrimination the law has highlighted for gays and transgender people. Initially, this made Springsteen and the E Street Group to cancel a concert which was lined up to take place in Greensboro, North Carolina. Later on Tuesday, Gregg Allman showed his willingness to perform at his gig next day in Greensboro. However, he urged the state to revoke the “discriminatory” bylaw.

Furthermore, the protest against the new law included Bryan Adams, the Canadian rock star who also has called off his concert that was to take place in Biloxi, Miss today.  According to Adams, he is canceling his program in protest of the new law that unethically allows religious community and several private business groups to say no to offer services to gay couples on religious grounds.

The 75-year-old performer has showed his interest in joining the people in film and music industries that are boycotting the state in protest over the new bill that was passed by Pat McCrory the Republican Gov. in March 2016.

According to Bruce Springsteen, the situation is bothering him badly and he is canceling his gigs to demonstrate his anger against the law which is ruining the human rights. He said he with others would fight against the new law until it is overturned.

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