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Ridesharing: The New Way to Travel

There was a time when the taxi industry was just booming. There was a huge demand for taxis for traveling quickly and according to your own schedule rather than following those of trains and buses. However, the advancement in the tech word has also brought about changes in various other areas. As a matter of fact, the use of taxis is now declining rather quickly and taxis that are still being used have to charge a lower price in order to survive. Why? Ridesharing. This phenomenon has changed the way people travel by offering them efficient and convenient solution for getting to their desired destinations.

Regardless of the number of lawsuits that are being filed against companies like Lyft and Uber, there is no denying that rideshare is now crushing taxi cabs and has gotten a tight hold on the transportation industry. What exactly is ridesharing? Well, the idea of this concept came to Uber founders in 2008 when apps were being introduced left and right for almost every purpose. They believed it would be nice to have a mobile application for hailing cabs, especially when smartphone use was so widespread. Testing for the app was conducted in New York in 2012, which helped Uber in becoming a successful tech startup and gave rise to the billion dollar ridesharing industry.

Since the number of smartphone users worldwide is approximately 2 billion, it didn’t take long for ridesharing to become a trend as the Uber app went viral. Even though the industry began a few years ago, it has seen rapid growth. Statistics indicate that if the trips taken via Uber in the last 5 years are combined, the total distance would be equal to a round trip to Saturn. Surveys and other research has shown that this trend is quite popular amongst the public as it definitely makes life easier because it offers a convenient and easy form of transportation.

Due to the popularity, a lot of other apps have been introduced apart from Uber, such as Lyft and Sidecar. There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy with ridesharing that weren’t an option when you traveled via taxis. For instance, you don’t have to wander the streets when you decide to rideshare. Likewise, you have the freedom to choose your own ride and driver and save money by sharing the rent with others who are traveling to the same place you are.

Unlike cabs, ridesharing also has a proper rating system so you can offer complaints when you aren’t satisfied and you can also take advantage of customer support. As ridesharing is GPS based, you can reach your desired location on time and you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Furthermore, statistics show that you there are fewer drunk driving accidents in the case of ridesharing as opposed to regular taxi cabs. Hence, ridesharing has become the new way to travel these days and you can take advantage of it in order to go wherever you want with the least bit of hassle. 

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