Qualities of a Good Life Coach

Qualities of a Good Life Coach


In recent years, life coaching has really taken off as a career where the coach has a firm knowledge and understanding of the principles of success and how they can be applied. Life coaches teach others how these principles can be implemented in their personal or professional life. In addition, they can also assist their clients in dealing with anxiety and stress. People seek the services of a life coach when they are stumbling in one or different areas of their life and wish to improve. These areas can include marriage, spirituality, self-development, health or entrepreneurship. People looking for a soulmate can also reach out to a life coach to help them what is holding them back.

Those who want to become a life coach should know that even though it is not mandatory, they should go for life coaching training, education and experience. There are different kinds of certifications that can be found, depending on your area of expertise. In order to succeed in this career, you will need some qualities that are vital in a good life coach. These qualities are:

Maintaining a positive attitude

You need to have a positive attitude because your clients will be inspired by the belief you have in them.


A life coach needs to be empathetic and passionate and should have a desire to help others. This trait will help you in understanding your client’s barriers to success and their emotions.

Great listening skills

Life coaching is all about listening to your clients. You have to be able to identify subtle tells and messages because this will help you in figuring out the issues your clients may have.

Non-judgmental attitude

The world is brimming with people who have different opinions and you may not agree with them. Everyone believes that their opinions are accurate and you need to be non-judgmental because this will make clients uncomfortable.

Be non-opinionated

Your job as a life coach doesn’t require you to give advice to your clients. Instead, your job is to facilitate your clients in finding solutions to the barriers they face when they wish to achieve success in their personal or their professional life.

Be challenging

The best life coaches are those who are able to challenge their clients and get a deeper understanding of their issues in this way. A coach will challenge their client in such a way that pushes them to face the reality surrounding them with honesty, focus and clarity.

Cultivate curiosity

Curiosity helps you in polishing your ability of asking questions of your clients. This involves asking questions that can help people in understanding their own feelings and how they influence their success.

Communicating with clarity

The only way you can be an excellent life coach is when you are able to communicate with your clients on different levels, such as vocabulary, body language and more.

Stay honest

Last, but not the least, it is of the utmost importance for life coaches to be honest and upfront with their clients because their relationship depends on trust.


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