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Putin Denies Accusations of Meddling in US Elections

Putin Denies Accusations of Meddling in US Elections

On Wednesday, Russian president Vladimir Putin insisted that his country was not involved in influencing the U.S. presidential election in any way even as another trove of internal documents was released by WikiLeaks from the campaign of Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton. Last week, Russia had been formally accused by the U.S. government of initiating a hacking campaign for the purpose of interfering with the election process in the U.S. According to Clinton’s campaign, the Kremlin is trying to aid Republican candidate, Donald Trump to win the White house in the November 8 elections. On Tuesday, they took accusations a step further when chairman of the Democratic nominee’s campaign, John Podesta said that Russia was colluding with Trump’s campaign.

Trump spoke at events in Florida and stated that he had absolutely nothing to do with Russia or Putin. At a rally in Lakeland, he said he didn’t have any business deals with Russia. Putin said in Moscow that the hacking scandal didn’t benefit Russia’s interest in any way and accused everyone part of the U.S. presidential campaign of misusing rhetoric about the country for their personal vendettas. Speaking at a business forum, Putin said that the all sides of the U.S. presidential campaign had started the hacking hysteria, claiming it was in Russia’s interest when it has nothing to do with them.

He added that their government would work with whoever won the election, provided they are willing to work with Russia as well. WikiLeaks, Julian Assange’s organization for publishing leaked information on the internet, released thousands of emails this week from Podesta’s account and didn’t clarify as to how they were obtained. Last week, WikiLeaks had also published excerpts from private speeches of Hilary Clinton that she gave to banking and financial firms.

The authenticity of the messages was not confirmed by the Clinton campaign. These leaks are surfacing just as the election campaign is reaching its final stretch and could be a potential source of embarrassment for Clinton. However, in recent weeks, Trump’s own campaign has encountered trouble as a 2005 video was leaked in which Donald Trump can be heard bragging about groping women. This has led to an increase in Clinton’s lead in national polls and has caused numerous Republicans to turn their back on their own candidate. Trump continues to deepen the fracture within the Republican Party as he intensified his attacks on U.S. House of Representatives speaker Paul Ryan.

Clinton has been constantly accusing Trump of having overly friendly ties with Russia and Putin. She has pointed out that lots of foreign policies outlined by the New York billionaire are in accordance with Russia’s interests. Trump has never run for office before whereas Clinton has some experience as secretary of state. The Republican candidate has changed his policies regarding different issues ranging from immigration to minimum wage during his campaign for the White House, but he has remained consistent in his statements about Russia. His friendly stance towards the country is the direct opposite of some of the prominent Republicans.

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