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Psoriasis Is Not Just A Cosmetic Disease But A Danger To Your Heart

For decades and centuries people have thought of psoriasis as a cosmetic disease. They think that it is only related to their skin and so it will either go away on its own or some mild treatments will bring them back to normal. Some people would not treat the condition because it is in its mild state and present in such parts of the body that are not exposed to the world. However, a new study has said something about psoriasis that no one could have thought – the skin related problem might have a relation with heart diseases.

When we look at psoriasis, it is a chronic disease. If you have it, you will have to deal with it for a long time or permanently. The cells in the skin start to grow at an alarming rate and so you start to see weird looking red and unsightly patches on your skin. It can start anywhere on your body. It could start on your arms, face, head, buttocks and any part you could imagine. According to the new findings you might be exposed to greater heart risks when you have psoriasis.

The problem with psoriasis is that it not only affects your skin but causes inflammation of your blood vessels too. From this we already know that the so-called skin related problem is directly affecting our internals. Nehal Mehta was the senior investigator in the study that took place. He provides his services as a clinical investigator to the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The most noticeable part of the studies he conducted with his team was that even if psoriasis was in its mild and initial stage, it still exposed the person with high levels of heart related diseases.

According to Mehta, people with just one patch should not consider themselves safe from the heart related issues too. The inflammation from one patch can start to flow to other parts of the body as more vessels become inflamed. He said that your dangers of getting a heart attack due to psoriasis can be reduced if you get the disease treated as soon as possible. He said that the past studies on the subject were only able to find a link between the inflammation of the blood vessels due to psoriasis and heart attacks and strokes. The new study has gone into the affects based on the severity of psoriasis.

He said that the first plan of action for people with psoriasis should be to stay away from any activities and practices that increase their dangers of heart related diseases. If you have psoriasis and you still smoke, you better stop smoking as soon as possible because you are simply doubling the threat of heart attack. Mehta also advised people with psoriasis to visit doctors and trainers regularly to know about their cholesterol and sugar levels. He said that his must be done in order to keep away from the dangers of heart disease due to psoriasis.

The latest study on the subject was published on October 08. It was hosted on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, a journal that often hosts such researches and studies. In this particular research a total of 80 people took part. 20 persons had no psoriasis whereas the rest of the individuals had psoriasis. Some of the people with psoriasis had mild case of the disease and some had a little more than mild signs of the disease on their bodies. The average age of all the participants in the study was 40.

The people with psoriasis of only mild nature had 3% of their bodies covered with the patches whereas those with severe cases had nearly 10% of their bodies covered with patches. PET scans were conducted and it was shocking for the researchers that how severe the disease was had no connection with the risk of heart attack and stroke in the individuals. The inflammation of the blood vessels was at quite an alarming level in all individuals with psoriasis. The worst case in the study was a person with severe psoriasis and inflammation of nearly 41% of blood vessels in the body.

The researchers then added other factors into the study to see if the results changed. For this, they took into account blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure but there was no big change on the results that had already been produced. Smoking was also taken into account but the inflammation of blood vessels remained the same. Working as a director of research programs for National Psoriasis Foundation, Michael Siegel talked about psoriasis and cautioned the people with the disease to be careful with their practices. He said that due to the big risks the disease exposes the patient to, they should get it treated soon.

He also reiterated the point that people with psoriasis should not consider the severity of their condition. He said that it does not matter how severe or less severe the condition was for a patient. Even mildest levels of the disease exposed a patient to the same levels of dangers as people with severe condition were exposed to. Siegel also said that there are no evidences of the fact that people with psoriasis will automatically reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes by having their psoriasis treated but studies indicated that they should have the condition treated.

He said that people with psoriasis should get in touch with a doctor as soon as they discover the condition on their skins.

This study is going to be a big one for people with psoriasis. It is not easy to accept the fact that a disease you had been considering so cosmetic in nature was causing such a big harm to your body. However, rather than regretting how you have taken the disease lightly it is better that you get in touch with a doctor and get your skin treated as soon as possible. 

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