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Pros and Cons of Using Social Media Networks And Messengers

Pros and Cons of Using Social Media Networks And Messengers

The extraordinary popularity of smartphones and Internet is not hidden from anyone. There are a huge number of users across the world who are using smartphones to be online and socialize through numerous social media networks and messaging applications. This has also replaced the traditional ways of messaging such as SMS, MMS and usage of old messengers for communication. There are many tech manufacturers that continue to launch new communication applications and update them on frequent basis. In fact, social networks and messaging apps have become a crucial part of our lives.

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Following are some of the pros and cons of mobile messaging apps:


  • There are tons of mobile messaging apps that are tailored to help you get the best way to engage and interact with your contacts in an extremely smooth manner.
  • With messengers, you don’t need to use lengthy sentences or words while using these apps to send messages. Instead, they allow you to use text messages, voice messages, emojis, and abbreviated words in order to experience a healthy and pleasurable conversation.
  • Most messaging apps allow you to share graphics and video clips with your family members, friends or other users.
  • With mobile based social networks and messaging apps, you can save money spent on sending text messages or MMSs. All it needs is to have internet or Wi-Fi on your smartphones to use these messaging apps.
  • Most messaging apps let you to email the entire conversation to yourself or anyone else. This eventually helps you save it and use it at a later stage.
  • Mobile messaging apps also allow you to arrange group messaging or even group video calling. You can form different groups and initiate an open conversation between all the members.
  • In addition to help users socializing and stay in touch with their contacts, most mobile messengers are very useful for a range of business purposes. They allow businesses communicate with their partners, clients, customers and share products’ images and receive new orders.


  • Most online users make use of abbreviated language while sending messages through messaging apps that has adversely affected their writing skills.
  • Messengers are happened to be addiction for most smartphone users which effects negatively in numerous ways. The popularity of mobile messaging usage is rising every passing day and people prefer to live in factual words surrounded with factual contacts and associations.
  • Most mobile messaging apps exist for free download which encourage users to get their app copy and spend their most of time in using messengers to check and send messages again and again.
  • Sometimes, these messengers cause storage problem for smartphones as well. While most devices do come with storage, too many messages and image downloads through these apps make the phone work slow.

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