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Princess Kate Massively Misses Her Brood On The Royal Tour

The royal couple is on royal tour of India and Bhutan these days. Besides performing their royal duties in Bhutan and India, Princess Kate and Prince William are enjoying the attractions around these two nations. However, they are also missing their children who are home with their royal grandparents. The 7-day journey appears to be the longest period that the royal couple has spent away from their little ones; and alike any other loving parents would, they have called home many times to hear the voices of their brood.

While the royals were hiking on a mountain pace in Himalaya, BBC asked the couple if they were missing Prince George and Princess Charlotte. They admitted they are massively missing their children, of course, and are looking forward to see them soon.

“Though we are missing them, we are relaxed as they are in good hands.” the princess added.

Missing children eventually made the couple wrapping up their tour of India and Bhutan. Princes William told the media after the pair had ended their 10k foot hike in Bhutan that they didn’t intend to go further because they wanted to see their brood soon again.

Kate anticipated that she would come here again with her husband and children one day when her children are a bit more mobile.

The couple was also asked if they had called home to speak to the little ones, the princess said, “Yes we’ve called home many times.

Both Kate and William spent their day in the workout. Their three-hour trek was started at 10 in the morning and the couple took several breaks before reaching the top. Monks welcomed the royals by chanting and ringing bells and playing trumpets on the end of their hike on the peak.

William during the hiking tried to follow in his father’s footsteps who came here in 1998 and made a same hike but left the hiking incomplete and did not reach the top. William said his father did not make it to get to the top and he would reminding him of it when he sees him.

 The Duke of Cambridge enjoyed his way up to the top of the mountain. According to William, it was quite tougher hiking on a mountain especially when it becomes little cheeky on the next stage of hiking. The 33-year-old said he really liked the mountains and the temples at the summit. And it was amazing to walk around and enjoy the panorama.

“It was mesmerizing listening to the history and religion of Bhutan which I guess is vital when you are on an excursion like this,”   he added.

While the prince was explaining his voyage, the Duchess Cambridge voiced her opinion saying she too liked the amazing journey up to the mountain; and she feels really lucky to see such stunning surroundings and learn about the country.

After that, the couple reached the craft market nearby the temple and glanced through a variety of items. Kate picked up a pair of dark blue earrings worth $7 while the prince purchased a small sculpture of tiger, most probably for Prince George. 

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