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Preventing Fleas From Effecting Your Dogs

 Preventing Fleas From Effecting Your Dogs

Small in size, fleas are parasites that can cause critical problems in your dog or puppies. However, it is now possible to prevent these harmful insects by using easy, effective and safe treatments. This is a well-known fact that fleas are bloodsucking parasites that not only transmit tapeworms but can also result in FAD or flea allergy dermatitis disease. For that reason, it is recommended to prevent fleas from developing in pets.

In addition, fleas can result in severe problems in dogs and cats. Some of the adverse reactions of such insects on pets are hair loss, continuous itching or scratching, skin infections, and skin damage.

Avoid Using Human Cosmetics On Your Dog

There are many people who tend to use human shampoo on their dogs which is wrong in various forms. Provided that, there’s a huge difference between the skins of humans and animals, using such cosmetics can cause more irritations than just letting them deal with the fleas their own. Even using an organic shampoo for humans on the pets can leave them with skin fungal infection only because it was not made for their skin.

Best Anti-Flea Medications Are Helpful

Though, there are a number of remedies available for flea prevention and treatment, not all will work on your pet. As a whole, Advantage is used as one of the best and most recommended flea preventive treatments​ for dogs and cats. It is prescribed to be used on a monthly basis for a couple of months, and is a completely​ waterproof medicine as it allows your dogs to go into the water without even wearing out the effects of treatment. Moreover, Advantage helps you prevent FAD in your pets. Usually, it takes 5 minutes after administrating the medicine to prevent flea bites. Besides, this treatment is also helpful in killing 100 percent chewing lice within a week of treatment and will remain effective for a month. Advantage can kill adult fleas within 6 hours of administration and 99 percent flea larvae in twenty minutes of administration.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use Sentinel Spectrum as an effective fleas preventive treatment for your dog. It is one of the most excellent treatments that not prevent many diseases caused by fleas and worms but also stop these insects from laying eggs and control flea infestations in pets. Additionally, you can also combine   Advantage and Sentinel Spectrum to make one of the easiest ways to protect your dog from the harmful effects of these pesky parasites.

Dog Flea Collar Can Be An Option

Lastly, you can utilize the advantages of dog flea collar that serves as an equipment of modern world to treat your pet for flea. It not only aids in killing these insects but also prevent them grow back in your dog’s fur. Most flea collars are used as an option for your pet if he is not suffering from a current infestation of pests. In other words, they can be very effective at preventing the harmful insects from developing. The second type of flea collars produce active ingredients that kill fleas on the surface before they bite the host.

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