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Obama to Intensify Efforts Against Terror

The mass shootings that occurred in San Bernardino, California last week have given rise to concerns that there could be another terrorist attack and to soothe those, President Barrack Obama is planning to intensify their efforts for combating terror threats against the country. The President will be making an Oval Office address, but people familiar with the matter said that he isn’t expected to announce an overhaul of his counterterrorism strategy for the US led fight in Syria and Iraq against Islamic militants or that of overseas and home. Since becoming president, this will be the third Oval Office address that Mr. Obama will make.

In this one, he is planning to broadly convey to the increasingly jittery country that his administration is taking all the necessary steps for addressing the power of terrorists of striking in the US and they are being vigilant. It is believed by the law enforcement officials that the suspects in the shootings last week had been radicalized and they are trying to understand how and where it happened. Investigators are trying to find any tie between Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook with possible terror networks all over the globe.

On Sunday morning, the Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the president plans to call on the Congress for passing legislation in order to address threats of terrorism like a bill that would prevent anyone on the list of the no-fly list of the government to own any firearms. He will also outline the steps that are being taken by his administration for addressing the rising concerns. Mr. Lynch said that Mr. Obama was aware how worried the nation was about this issue. She said that he will inform the people about what they are doing to ensure the safety of the American citizens.

The shooting in San Bernardino, California is the deadliest terror attack to occur in the country after Mr. Obama took office. It happened only weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th and after a string of other deadly attacks that had been launched by Islamic State supporters across multiple continents in the past two months. More than 500 people have been killed in attacks that were carried out in the US, Turkey, Mali, France, Egypt and Lebanon. Now, Mr. Obama has to deal with the difficult task of reassuring the country as people are worried about another terror attack and realizing that the possibility of it occurring is very real.

As part of his address, which will be televised nationally, Mr. Obama will urge people to restrain their reaction to the attacks, especially calling on citizens to resist actions that would be against the values of the country. After the Paris attacks, the President had spoken against legislation for stopping the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees and he also encouraged the American people not to paint Muslims in the country with a broad brush. Ms. Lynch said that the president doesn’t want the people to give into the fear and go against their values. 

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