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Obama Administration Is Doing Something More For Gender Pay Gap Problems

Gender pay gab is a problem not only in the US but in many other countries of the world. However, things are getting better as more and more voices are getting in one place to speak for the cause.

It was announced on Friday by Obama Administration that further steps will be taken in order to ensure that gender pay gap issue is taken care of in the country as a whole. President Obama showed his grief at the fact that businesses in the country were not being fair to women when it came to paying them the deserved salaries.

He said that women in the country are not getting the same salary as men and their earnings were still only 79% of the earnings of the men. He said that every American deserves to be paid for their work and women are included in it too.

White House is also going in the same direction as the president by taking actions that will be focused on getting rid of any gender pay gap. If there is a company that has more than 100 employees, the White House requires that company to send a detailed report on how it is paying its employees and segregate the employees based on their gender and salaries. The same companies will also be reprimanded if they are not paying fairly to the people from different races and ethnicities.

There are talks of the Paycheck Fairness Act and Congress is facing the push from White House on passing this particular bill. According to the administration there will be a summit that will be conducted purely for women and named as The United States of Women.

In this particular summit a main point under the limelight would be the journey that women’s rights and women’s rights activists have covered under the regime of Obama administration.

The gender pay gap issue is not new to the US. This particular issue is quite hot in Europe as well. California is one of the states in the US that are currently taking strong measures to get rid of the issue of gender pay gap.

A report has come from UN experts that talks about the measures taken all around the world for women. According to this particular report women have not received their rights in any country of the world and the measures taken for them have not been fully successful in any part of the world.

UK has also been fighting with this particular issue with several talks being held on political level and aired on TV that revolve around the gender pay gap issue. Some steps were taken in the UK for eradicating the gender pay gap that were similar to the steps that Obama administration has taken. However, UK was not as successful in its efforts as Obama and their efforts ended up in failure. TV programs have been quite active in highlighting this particular issue too.

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