North Korea, War and Conflict

North Korea, US Should Lower Threshold Talks; South

North Korea, US Should Lower Threshold Talks; South

On Monday, South Korean President Moon-Jae in said that North Korea and the United States should both give ground so they can sit down and talk about resolving the nuclear standoff. He chose to spoke a data after willingness for dialogue was expressed by Pyongyang. Since January, South Korea has had a number of talks with officials from North Korea.

They are hoping to improve relations by using the just-ended Winter Olympics of the South as a catalyst. Nuclear-tipped missiles are under development in North Korea, which can reach the US mainland. Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, and US President Donald Trump had exchanged some bellicose taunts.

However, the tension punctured suddenly with the arrival of the Games because the North chose to send its delegates and athletes. In a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong, Moon said that North Korea had shown that it was open to actively engaging in dialogue with the United States.

Speaking in Seoul, she said that the threshold for talks should be lowered by the US and North Korea also needs to show it is ready to denuclearize. Even though Trump’s administration has repeatedly said that they want a diplomatic solution, back in August the president himself threatened to go beyond sanctions and do things the world hasn’t seen.

North Korea, on the other hand, has asserted that it would never end its nuclear program because it is a ‘sword for defending peace’ against aggression by the US. It pursues the program in defiance of the resolutions of the U.N. Security Councils. 28,500 troops of the United States have been stationed in South Korea.

The US says that any talks with North Korea should conclude with them ending their nuclear program. On Friday, a new and largest pack of sanctions were announced by Washington. The move was condemned by North Korea and it accused the US of trying to cause a disruption in the improvement of inter-Korean relations.

After the closing ceremony in Pyeongchang was attended on Sunday, North Korea has sent a high-level delegation to Seoul for meeting with Moon and other South Korean officials. During a meeting in Pyeongchang, the delegation informed Moon that they were ready to start talks with Washington.

Unification Minister, Cho Myong-gyon, hosted a dinner that was attended by the North Koreans. The ministry said that the dinner attendees had agreed to keep working for improving inter-Korean relations. Baik Tae-hyun, a spokesman for the Ministry said that they were hoping North Korea and US would start constructive talks at an appropriate opportunity.

The democratic and the rich South Korea and the impoverished North are technically still at war with each other because the conflict in 1950-53 resulted in a truce and no peace treaty was made. The regular military drills conducted by South Korean and their ally, US, are considered as war preparations by North Korea. In Central Seoul, hundreds of protestors came together for criticizing Moon and his administration for hosting people from North Korea.

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