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North Korea Tests Anti-Ship Missiles without a Care for America or South Korea

North Korea Tests Anti-Ship Missiles without a Care for America or South Korea

By now, there is no doubt about the fact that North Korea is not going to hold back from doing things the way it wants despite heavy pressure from the US government as well as its neighbor South Korea. There have been several instances when the US government tried to hold North Korea from testing modern warfare weaponry but to no avail.

The most recent anti-ship missile tests by North Korea is another indication that the country will never hold back from its warfare development no matter how many warnings other countries give it.

It’s a cruise missile this time and North Korea has tested multitude of these missiles recently. This new missile technology will automatically target the ships that belong to South Korea and the US if country was ever attacked by any of them.

This is nothing new for North Korea as it has been working on several missile technologies in the recent times. This is the fourth entry in those technologies and all the tests done were successfully completed by North Korea.

Korean Central  News Agency of North Korea informed that this system will work at will if North Korea was every attacked by its enemies, especially the US and its neighbor South Korea. When the tests were conducted the leader of the nation, Kim Jong Un, was present at the scene and he saw the missiles hitting targets in the sea after a spiraling motion.

There is no exact information about the number of missiles that were tested by North Korea. However, its neighbor South Korea said there were 4 missiles tested in total. The targets of those missiles were in the sea between Japan and North Korea.

According to the security officials of South Korea, the tested missiles were supposed to hit a short range target and they traveled nearly 125 miles over the sea before hitting their targets. The timing of these tests is really important because 2 warships of the US were conducting joint navy efforts with South Korea just recently.

These missile tests have been a constant source of worry for South Korea. Moon Jae In, the South Korean president, has been trying to make North Korean rule understand the severity of these matters. With the speed at which North Korea is testing its missiles, it is said that the country will very soon be having a complete ballistic missile system with nuclear power.

The US is supposed to play the most important role in calming down North Korea but the Trump administration has lost all of its energies in dealing with the inter-country matters. However, the US government has been trying to get help from China on this matter.

North Korea is a big concern for the US because all of its tests are destined to be powerful enough to compete with America’s nuclear power. As South Korea sides with the policies of the US, North Korea does not have a friendly attitude towards it. Just recently North Korea completely rejected any medicinal help from South Korea because they had supported the sanctions on North Korea imposed by United Nations.

While Moon has been trying to extend a hand of friendship towards North Korea, he said clearly in his recent statements after the new missile tests that if it had to it will side up with any further sanctions that come from UN towards North Korea.

Just last month, North Korea surprised the world with a missile that went to heights that no other North Korean missile had ever gone before. Many other missile tests have been conducted throughout the past month by North Korea.

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